Elizabeth Burns Spanks at REALSPANKINGSNETWORK

9 Jun

In one of her videos with Mistress Dee, where she is interviewed before Coach Daniels walks onto the set to help her down with her pants, Elizabeth (aka ‘Veronica’ or ‘Victoria’) Burns describes herself as a “FemDom.” She mostly dresses in normal street clothes, often more formal business attire, not the traditional corny dominatrix garb. She can look like a first grade teacher and doesn’t look menacing, but there are a few models at RSN who would testify to the contrary, and she seems to like young bottoms. Some samples. And we have added here just a few Female/male films, a side project for RSN.

Abby with Burns’ (year: 2006; F/f) Blond Abby is an employee, having her quarterly review. She is going to be fired, but we know how these things go–the begging process begins. If you were in the business a reviewing female employees, you could work in a few spankings every day.

Abby will be given another chance; she is paddled on the bare over the desk, just a white thong.

‘Burns and Miss Baker’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A ‘Miss Baker’ reports to Elizabeth in the attic room set RSN used. Burns plays a therapist, and here it is suggested “alternative therapy…corporal punishment” might be applied. Baker seeks some solution to her low morale and motivation. Maybe a jump-start?

Elizabeth is wearing a breezy sundress, good for a polo match. “Take your skirt up…panties down.” “Will it hurt?” OTK, Elizabeth spanks very fast, and moderately hard. Baker offers a lot of bottom. Elizabeth wants to know what it feels like on the RSN scale of one to
ten. “Four or five.” A small paddle concludes the session.

‘Burns and blonde‘ (F/f; 5 minutes) A blond girl has borrowed Elizabeth’s credit card, the bill has arrived, and since she won’t admit she did it and actually lies about it, she will get double the punishment.

Burns and Cherry’ Take that skirt up and take those panties down.” The girl’s bottom is already fully red–there must have been a prequel to this scene. Nobody walks around with a bottom like that. The briefest moderate paddling produces some significant bruises.

Elizabeth will make her kneel erect, feet elevated, all the weight on her kneecaps, for an hour. Uncomfortable, impossible. Maybe she will be spanked again.

‘Burns with brunette’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 1 minute)(part) A pretty brunette is spanked bare bottom and then signs a release for Miss Burns.

‘Burns with ponytail brunette‘(F/f; time:2 minutes) (part) Burns spanks hard. “Stick those butt cheeks out.” “Peel those jeans down.” She is left in time-out.

‘Burns and Cindy’ (F/f; 3 minutes) Elizabeth caught Cindy going through her things. Since she found her paddles and straps: “You want to satisfy your curiosity?…get up…take your pajamas down…it’s so much better on a bare bottom.” Cindy gets a fast moderate paddling from two items in the collection.,

‘Burns and Cherry again’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Ms. Burns reports she is in Texas for this video. She spanks Cherry, a rare ‘big’ bottom in this series, for having a potty mouth and missing curfew. Very hard paddling, lots of skin to work with.

Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time:4 minutes) Claire shows up in a skimpy cheerleader’s costume. She “ditched her cheer practice” and tries to fool Elizabeth by wearing her uniform anyway. “Take it off.”

Claire is quickly naked, a nice amateur adolescent body. We will seek out films where Burns spanks naked girls. She bends over, hands on a chair, for the floppy Spencer strap. Burns stands too close for this sort session–all the strokes land on the far buttock.

‘Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) Burns jumps Claire on the way to the shower. She is just wrapped in a towel. Claire did not finish her chores. Since they are near the bathroom, Claire is sent to get the bath brush. She kneels on a chair, the towel is pulled up, and her bottom peeks out a little red already.

The bath brush takes a quick bruising toll. After the session she will kneel in the painful position for 15 minutes.

‘Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Ms. Burns gets explicit on occasion. Elizabeth drags Claire into a bedroom and spreads on her on a bed. She goes to work with a small vibrator, the egg variety,  on Claire’s pantied crotch,  for a start.

Burns sits aside of her and pulls her panties aside to get at her vagina. “Don’t you cum. You’re going to have to beg for that.” She slaps Claire’s thighs as she works the egg. The scene is repeated from facial an side angles.

Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) From the frequency of this pairing, we’ll assume that the model Claire was especially willing to participate in some unusual scenarios. “Take your skirt and top off.” Claire is naked, not all that necessary for punishment, but especially humiliating.

Elizabeth will use a short strap,  with a handle. Claire bends over. Mild so far, but she is cute. Standard stuff from Burns, rapid fire her style, and getting harder. At the conclusion, Burns makes Claire stand submissively at attention for a bottom inspection. Scene repeated from angles.

‘Burns, girl reports’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth sits at a desk, wearing her two-piece gray suit, waiting. A girl reports to her, wearing jeans and jersey.

‘Kneel on that chair…take your jeans down…and the panties.” There are bruises from past spankings. If you’re going to make the flight to Denver, you have to make several films. Into the painful RSN holding position. “I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

‘Burns and Jessica’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) There are lots of cheerleaders in and out of REALSPANKINGS. Jessica must report to Miss Burns. She wears her cheerleader’s outfit. She is constantly late for practice, and has recently forgotten her pompoms. Burns is amazed. “What is cheerleading, anyway?” There is a vaguely light-hearted mood going on here–these two experienced players have made a number of films together.

“We’re going to need to do some spanking to help your memory.” Jessica bends over the desk and Burns does her shock when she discovers the girl is not wearing any panties, just a thong. “I was thinking of 10, but I am going to double it.”

Jessica is spanked with a synthetic birch bundle and a rattan loop, just friendly taps here. She often takes more and Ms. Burns is no slacker herself. They must have had a busy schedule.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:3 minutes) The briefest exposure for this celebrity bottom. Burns wears a light blue business suit, and Kailee is in a black turtleneck, a favorite color of hers. She drops her jeans and is paddled on a red thong, before assuming the punishment kneeling position.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) It is Kailee’s second day on the job, she is hung over, and caught sleeping at her desk by Burns. Now, in most employments, you’d get fired for this, but domme-Burns has better solutions.

More odd camera angles here, weak facial shots, and we can’t hear Kailee. Burns wears her light blue two-piece suit. “Bend over, take your pants down, I’ll be right back.” She gets the strap in this position. There are faint traces of yellowing bruises on her bottom.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:1 minute) (a part) Kailee is being spanked very hard on the bare in the kitchen with a wooden spoon. Blue top, jeans down.

‘Burns with Kailee and Michelle’(F/2f; time: 16 minutes) For us, one of the sexiest of the F/f spankings from Ms. Burns. Tall brunettes ‘Kailee’  and ‘Michelle’ walk onto the set. “I want you to strip down.” These two glorious bodies are soon stark naked. Burns will spank each girl OTK and alternate, bringing each bottom to an even red glow. Handspanking and the teardrop paddle.

The eight minute scene is repeated from a wider angle, so that both naked girls fill the screen. To conclude, the girls must assume one of RSN’s punitive postures–kneel erect on the floor, hands locked at the small of the back, knees wide, lean forward and hold. Surely taxing.

‘Burns with girl’ (F/f; year: 2006; time:3 minutes) A shorty; Burns deals with a slightly older brunette who has a nasty attitude. “What are you going to do, ground me?” The theory being of course, that RSI IS grounded.

“Get on all fours on the table, now!” It is a coffee table. Handspanking, jeans down, again odd filming angles, as if no one was on the camera. We liked the floral thong.

‘Burns with girl in kilt’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A tall brunette in a kilt has been caught flashing boys in their dorm. The girl thought it was funny.

“Take off your clothes, all of them.” Burns will show her how to respect her body. “Assume the position…spread your legs…does that feel good?” Burns uses a heavy wood paddle; the filming is from the side, but it is clear the girl has been heavily spanked and recently.

10 strokes; she dresses, frontals.

‘Burns with Missy’ Burns is spanking a redhead, very rapidly, for having made a mess in her room. She used Elizabeth’s razor without permission. “I don’t have one.” We can hear the voice of ‘Dr. Daniels,’ who is operating the camera. Missy is smiling and laughing. Burns cures that with a few slaps to the thighs.

Someone on the set delivers a hairbrush. Hard smacks. “This is definitely getting through.” Bend over for the strap and paddle.

‘Burns with Monica’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Monica, maybe the most prolific model at RSN, has been caught by Elizabeth in the pool without authorization. Ms. Burns, in one of her breezy flower print very non-porn film dresses, picks Monica out of a chair and has her strip off her bikini bottoms but leave on the bra.

Monica bends over for the slipper, which Burns does in her rapid-burst style, which can get a girl to gasping and squirming. Bra off, Elizabeth has a Spencer strap. Fast bursts again. Alternate facial views of these two sequences. The RSN website says this film was remastered during the coronovirus hiatus.

‘Burns/Monica w/guy doing porn’ (2F/m; time: 21 minutes) A long episode, mostly because of repeat angles from different cameras. Elizabeth and Monica have a completely naked guy bent over the trestle. He has been caught doing porn on the computer and doesn’t seem to upset about it.

The ladies paddle and strap him, individually and together. In oblique view repeats, we catch a glimpse of his jewels. We’ve said before, ‘David’ at NUWEST was one on the only actors we have seen who could generate a 7″ boner just being spoken to.

‘Monica and Aaron” (2F/m; time: 17 minutes) We’ll slip this review in here, although Ms. Burns did not appear. Monica and a friend are paddling the same naked guy, while he kneels erect and holds books at arms’ length. The girls use a variety of implements.

The guy must take the lunge position across the stool for more. “Don’t touch it.” What they mean he, he shouldn’t let his balls hang down and touch the stool. Repeat angles double the length of the film.

‘Burn with Riley’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) In one of the RSN films where Daniels spanks Elizabeth, he has accused her of spanking too rough one of the models, ‘Riley.’ We’d like to find that film.

Here, Riley presents in a messy schoolgirl uniform and gets a fast strapping over a desk, seen from the facial and side angles. This would not seem to be excessive.

‘Burns uses ruler’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) “Strip,” says Burns to a pretty light brunette. She is soon naked and bends over with a vigorous session with a thick ruler. Her bottom is already red. Round bruises. Moderate spanking.

‘Burns with brunette with hair ribbons’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) The brunette is mostly naked and Burns is on her with a strap. She wears just bra and panties; she sports a tramp stamp and has ribbons in her hair. “Discipline, focus, organization!” admonishes Burns. The paddle is next, off with the undies, she kneels on a chair.

‘Burns and Michelle’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) “Are you ready for your spanking, Michelle.” Elizabeth has the girl strip naked and make a neat pile of her clothing. Her bottom is already pink, surely the consequence of making more than one film a day at REALSPANKINGS. Cute scene.

Elizabeth will use a big rule labeled ‘The House Ruler.’ It produces round, different bruises on the red cheeks.

‘Elizabeth interviews Monica’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) This interview, in the wing chair in front of the fireplace, Elizabeth quizzes Monica about her least favorite spanking implement, and we know where this one is going. It is the “bee-sting paddle.”

Elizabeth tells her it is time for a treat, a session with that paddle. Monica produces the anticipated smirk. She drops her jeans. The paddle is a miniature oak fraternity model.

“I know you can do 20,” says Burns. Monica yelps from the first. It probably stings more because it is smaller but still heavy, concentrating the power. Monica is already red–the paddle produces white bruises on top.

Monica sits, a little shaken. It was a ‘9’ on the ’10’ scale. It stings–you would to think she has a boyfriend waiting for her.

‘Burns and Monica-her attitude’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes; year: 2005) Burns does a good job with the older girls–plausible disciplinary control. Auburn-haired Monica never shows her face here–we couldn’t discern the reason for the camera angles.

Monica has a bad attitude–nothing ever gets done, and that doesn’t work with Ms. Burns. Hands on the chair, large floppy RSN paddle on her jeans, then on the bare, nothing but a G-string. She is left in the painful kneeling position. We don’t see much face of either actor.

‘Elizabeth and Monica-curling iron'(F/f; time:9 minutes) Burns confronts Monica in her bedroom–for the umpteenth time she has left her curling iron plugged in and on the rug. (Does anyone have women in their house?) Burns is wearing one of her breezy summer frocks.

Burns asks Monica what sort of punishment might make an impression. Monica sheepishly suggests a handspanking. “Take your shoes off…take our jeans down…take your panties off.” A fast handspanking on the bed.

Monica is left kneeling. “Stay here.” But she is getting dressed when Burns returns. A paddle this time, panties off, same fast spanking. “That is a spanked bottom,” declares Burns. She must stay kneeling for 15 minutes.

‘Elizabeth and Monica’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) ‘Monica,’ an older model by RSN’s almost teenage standards, is reading in her bedroom when Elizabeth bursts in. Elizabeth gave Monica $125 for shopping, but Monica did not come back with any of the items Elizabeth needed.

Monica is wearing only a bikini, which turns out to be one of the expensive items purchased. She must bend over. Elizabeth gives her a fast moderate spanking. The bottoms must be removed–Burns returns with a paddle. After the punishment Monica must remain in the RSN punitive position–kneeling erect, all her weight on her knees, arms locked behind her.

‘Elizabeth and Monica’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) This time Burns has the cane, unusual for her. It is the last day of school, and Burns overhead some potty-mouth language on a cell phone. Burns explains that at RSN, more is expected on the models.

There will be 50 strokes, and Burns lays them on in the ‘NUWEST’ manner, five groups of 10 each. She does not cane hard; in fact, she never spanks very hard, but she is excellent at humiliating her prey.

For each set of 10, clothes keep coming off until Monica is naked.

‘Elizabeth and Monica on bed’ (F/f; year: 2007; time:9 minutes) A continuation. an auburn haired girl is being spanked in the conventional manner. The concluding punishment position has the additional variation of crossed ankles. Side views on the bed.

‘Burns likes cheerleaders'(F/f; time: 6 minutes) A cheerleader is caught picking some money out of Elizabeth’s purse. Scolding is fine, but spanking works better. For some reason, must of this scene is shot with the actors’ backs to us or faces hidden.

Elizabeth will make the girl wait while she goes to get a paddle. She returns with the ‘teardrop.’ Bend-over, hands on a table. Red panties down, Elizabeth paddles a little harder here. It must vary as to the actress’s preference. Kneel, skirt tucked up, bottom on display.

‘Burns spanks Aaron’ (F/m;  time: 9 minutes) Aaron is the office mailman here, and he is going to get spanked for a mis-delivery. One would be advised to avoid Ms. Burns at any cost.

He bends over her desk, drops his pants and very loose boxer shorts for a strapping. Alternate view. His modesty is preserved here.

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