Hairbrush Spankings 2004 NUWEST NWV-380

9 Jun

Time: 54 minutes
A collection of 10 hair brush spanking episodes, a long film for NUWEST, and worth your time for the appearance of many of NW’s stars, at various times in their careers, but surely mostly about 2004.

1. Ed Lee spanks a big blonde in an exterior scene at the woodpile on his San Marcos property. Skirt up, panties and pantyhose down, a special squeal from her when he does one of his prototype concluding flurries.

2. In the townhouse, big blonde ‘Karen’ is whaling on possibly ‘Jacque,’ in her white girdle. Lee loved his foundation garments. Karen unsnaps the garters from the stockings, rucks up the girdle, and pulls down Jacque’s pattern white panties.

3. ‘Katie’ is marched down to the lanai of the townhouse by ‘Vanna.’ First time we ourselves have seen a connection between the interior of the house and the deck. Both actresses quite mature here–Katie’s ingénue a bit faded and Vanna quite the powerhouse dominatrix. Vanna gives her the hair brush, white summer dress up, panties down, then a quick march bare bottom back up the stairs in the house. What are they going to do?

4. Lee spanks two girls, ‘Bridget’ and ‘Rosa.’ Short brunette Bridget OTK first [dog barks], panties down, the hardest hair brush spanking we have seen yet. As in so many areas, NW led the way for us in application of the hairbrush. The girls are in schoolgirl dress. Hispanic-looking Rosa gets the same. Bottoms to the corner.

5.Big ‘Julia Jameson’ is spanking a blonde the bedroom. She pries the girl’s buttocks apart, several times, to see if she has soiled herself. It is a very hard hair brush session. At the conclusion the girl stands to show her bottom then kneels.

There is some adlib interplay Lee allowed to remain here–unusual but illustrative of what might have happened occasionally on the set. The girl is angry. Lee is operating the camera. “Did it hurt?” he asks. “Yeah, that fuckin’ hurt…DAVE!…I don’t care how much money you pay me, I’m never doing that again!” “Don’t get pissed at me,” answers Lee.

6. Katie converses with Lee, sipping a whiskey. She has arrived late, freeway troubles, plus a tavern stop. OTK for the hair brush here, Katie in her longer hair phase. Lots of facial from her. She reaches down to unfasten her jeans so that Lee can pull them down. The camera moves to the rear. Down come the panties. From the facial side, the camera providing the rear shots can be seen. The panties-down moment is repeated. NU-WEST did not miss much. Various angles and repeats.

7. Another exterior, Katie being spanked near the woodpile, and cursing up a storm, as she could be enticed to do on occasion. The female spanker is her landlord. “Never late on the rent again.”

8. ‘Jodie Cline’ and two girls in the house. The first is Katie. panties down for the hair brush. And a second blonde. A milder session.

9. Jacque is dragged by the ear into the garage by ‘Debra.’ Shorts down, the unmistakable bubble butt. Hard, crisp OTK hair brush, from several angles.

10. The longest segment. Katie and ‘Joanne Jameson’ arrive at the house and are confronted by Lee. “You’re both in deep trouble, credit card fraud.” They stole some identities out of the trash. The police will let Lee handle it his way.

The girls will stand in the corner and get the hair brush one at a time. Top notch stuff, Katie and Joanne on the receiving end in the same film. Katie first, sweater and skirt off, white undies. They play with her panties, as if no one was sure when they should come down. After all these films, Lee is still awkward with his lines. OTK, panties down, white bottom tan lines. Moderate spanking.

Joanne comes from the corner and pulls her jersey dress over her head. Black undies and a maturing figure from all that food in the NU-WEST cafeteria. She rubs her bottom as Lee scolds. Panties down, low facial shots, very good. Excellent angles and a delicious frontal as she is led back to the corner.

3 Responses to “Hairbrush Spankings 2004 NUWEST NWV-380”

  1. Dave December 27, 2017 at 3:48 pm #

    Jacque was awesome! whatever happened to her?

  2. Yve March 22, 2022 at 5:41 pm #

    I know “Katie.” After her long career with Nu West, she went out with a very famous rock star who dumped her after 12 years, leaving her in a terrible situation. Very sad.

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