Mariel, Louise, and Helen – NUWEST NWV-188

9 Jun

M/3f; time: 24 minutes
The spanking of office girls in the employ of NU-WEST. The names of the girls do not seem to match the title of the film, which hardly matters.

Ed Lee sits at an office desk in an open studio, frustrated on the phone on hold. ‘Mariel’ or ‘Marial’ reports to him and shifts from foot to foot while he stews on the phone. When he turns to her–she was 25 minutes late for s video shoot. She is a conventionally dressed compact brunette. He sends her to the adjacent room to get a strap and has her lock the door when she returns.

Marial sets a chair center stage, bends over it, then raises her skirt and pulls down her white panties, all very familiar to her. She gets one stroke of the strap for each minute late, moderate stuff on her flared feminine bottom. Then to the corner bare bottom.

The second girl arrives, is it ‘Louise?’ She was the staff member who had put Lee on hold, and for that she gets a turn in the center of the room. Lee figures: “Are you being neglected…do you want to be spanked?” She sets up the chair, folding her arms in faux defiance. Lee takes her OTK, more wide feminine hips. She keeps her bikini panties on.

In the third segment, on the barren set, Lee addresses the camera: “Edward Lee bringing you another female spanking.” A blonde goes OTK. It sounds like he called her ‘Ally.’ He rubs her pantyhose before he rolls them down. Closeups of the spanking, no facial until the girl rises at the conclusion. They laugh–he spanked hard enough to cause a run in her stockings.

Despite the title, there is a fourth episode, pulled from the archives. Ed Lee is much younger here, curly hair and in his polo shirt phase. A pretty blonde is on the menu. “I understand you are a great crier.”

OTK, skirt up, he begins to paddle on her slip. There are varied camera angles here, her facial shots confirm she is quickly in tears. Slip up, paddling continues, panties and pantyhose down, an entertaining actress.

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