Rehabilitation Institute – MOOD

9 Jun

F/5f; time: 1 hr 26 minutes
A real feature, get the popcorn. Another somewhat repetitive and predictable plot from MOOD PICTURES; five girls slouch at desks in a drab classroom, well done and very much like a LUPUS or NETTLES setting. The ‘Rehabilitation Institute’ deals with girls with drug convictions.

Four female staff members assemble in front of the class, and in typical MOOD casting, they are as attractive and young as the convicts. Surelly their bottoms are recovering from another film. MOOD has never gotten the lesbian/dominatrix ‘matron’ thing down just right. The rules are explained, and the certainty and importance of corporal punishment made clear.

The five girls are called to the front of the room, one at a time, and made to strip, MOOD’s specialty. They get rubber glove cavity searches, disguised from view. Just unhappy faces. They are given institute uniforms, yellow tops and black slacks.

The girls are marched to an adjacent punishment room, which each girl expresses some apprehension when she sees the equipment. Weekly accountings for behavioral progress are held here.

Two girls who resisted the rough treatment in the classroom indoctrination will be caned now, but first, all five must drop their pants and dsplay their bottoms. As silly as some of the NUWEST films were, we still favor their institutional scenes. Here, for a sampler, a matron gives each girl two strokes of the cane while they are bent in the ‘frisk’ position. Immediate marks.

The first argumentative girl is made to ruck up her sleeveless top, expose her boobs, then climb up on a platform and kneel over a padded box. Her ankles, knees, and lower back are secured, and her wrists cuffed and arms stretched to be fastened to a hanging spreader bar. The girl counts out 30 cane strokes, delivered by one of the attending matrons. She quivers.

A tall blonde gets the same treatment. This model could work nights elsewhere. Her caning does more damage.

The girls are taken to their dorm and made to strip and lie in bed. This scene was filmed out of sequence, because the two bottoms are clear. The girls are tied spread on their backs, wrists and ankles attached to the bed frame. Later, ‘Suzi’ one of the statuesque matrons, slips a prisoner she fancies some drugs. They are caught.

Now it’s her turn to be fastened down over the box. She is to get 60 strokes from another staff member, who manages to cut the whipping short and professes love for her. But MOOD got another whipping out of the deal.

Scene change; after a one-week review, the three remaining prisoners will get 30 cane strokes each. Each is stripped and whipped in the same manner.

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