9 Jun

M/f; time: 11 minutes
Amelia Jane Rutherford again, with the character ‘London Tanner’ playing her uncle. He wakes her sleeping in bed; he has brought his ‘will box’ and a razor strap. He thought he would review his will with her and give her a strapping also, to ensure she is in fact that niece who likes CP. Amelia wants the inheritance and will play along.

She admits she likes the strap and the feel of the hands of the disciplinarian on her body. She lies over the foot of the bed–Uncle admires her two-piece pj’s, which might be his. He straps the pj’s first, then they come down for more. She is red. “I love it!” He helps himself to rubs.

She sulks on a couch, having opened her pj’s so Uncle doesn’t get shortchanged. He looks in the will box–it’s not there, filed somewhere else. He got his scam, got a crack at her bottom.

At least Amelia will get a good breakfast out of this, but no, only if she cooks it.

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