Two Punished Wives – NUWEST NWV-181

9 Jun

F/2f; year: 1992; Time: 44 minutes
A great NUWEST fantasy and we loved it; apparently you can bring your wife to NUWEST and have her spanked and paddled to a fare-thee-well, to your specifications; the redoubtable stern Anne Bowman handles the clients and does the honors. Two husbands sit in silhouette to watch their wives get their bottoms roasted in Anne’s serial ritual.

The scene opens with the two wives noses-in-corners in the background, while Anne introduces the procedure and displays her implements–she will handspank, hair brush, strap, paddle and cane each wife in turn. ‘Mrs. A’ is called out first. We will never see much of her face, but she is attractively tall and willowy, dressed conservatively. as if she were visiting the family lawyer, in skirt, blouse, and white high heels. Anne takes her OTK, raises her skirt, peels down the pantyhose, and after a few full force swinging handspanks, lowers her panties. Some show of face would have been nice, but it will come. We’ve said before, Anne is a relentless, untiring, focused, dedicated spanker. Throughout the film, watch the girls’ reflexive jerks as the blows fall. Surely there is some theater involved, but it has got to hurt. Mrs.A is re-cornered, skirt up, panties down. Mrs. B is then called out for her first dose, wearing a grey dress. We do see her pretty face, and soon, very soon, when her panties do come down, the best of round begging buttocks and lower back. You should lean in and listened to the unscripted interplay between Bowman and the girls.

Anne picks up the hair brush and shows the men its attributes, “nice and balanced,” as if we were at a trade show. Each girl takes about 60 strokes–Anne hovers over the bottom cheeks with the brush and strikes a consistent rouge over all–she is a master. We listen to breathy apologies, begging, and pleading. The girls jump, this is a lot more penetrating than the handspank. Panties remain delightfully half-mast throughout the film, a submissive theme in this sort of sexy spanking scene.

The strap is next, looks like a tawse. The girls are bent straight-legged over a chair, enhancing our view. Mrs. B has developed some admirable bulls-eye bruises and is clearly the least happy of the two. Only six strokes (the girls are starting to show some wear by now), but the strokes are full-swing. NW camera angles are the typical–face-on, oblique, and once or twice, from overhead.

The Spencer spanking paddle is next. Anne shows us its pattern of holes, but she doesn’t comment on the nasty after-sting we’ve seen this instrument can produce. Both girls take 10 loud echoing shots, and their legs have begun to quiver involuntarily, another familiar circumstance. This is impressive stuff.

Lastly comes the plexiglass cane. The girls take a slow 6, “six of the best,” then another fast six. We’ve achieved tears and semi-coherent gasping by this point. Mrs. B develops white tramlines across her bulls-eyes even as we watch. She struggles and tries to evade during her caning, earning more. Both girls contritely kiss the cane, gurgle their apologies, and are taken away, presumably home for another workout. This is early NW, but very nice. Don’t hold old NUWEST to today’s slick production standards. Admire Lee’s devilish creations.

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