Joanne and Karen Whipped Asses – NUWEST NWV-341

14 Jun

M/2f; time: 32 minutes; year: 1997
A simple exercise, as typical as any of NUWEST’s innovative corporal punishment product. No sex, little nudity, just two glorious bottoms and hard whipping. This trivial oeuvre becomes one of our favorites.

Two NUWEST stars, ‘Karen'(the thin one) and ‘Joanne Jameson’ seem to be finishing up in the dressing room for the day, going out with their men. Ed Lee interrupts–he is angry about costly filming delays and is going to give them a whipping. “Now? Tonight?” They march into the larger tiled room set, not much argument.

Both girls wear well-fit slacks and boots. Joanne agrees to be whipped first, she pulls down her slacks and panties and lies over the foot of the studio bed, her hips elevated by a bolster. She spreads her arms at 90 degrees and Lee fastens her wrists to the bed.

Lee uses a short multi-tongued whip, more severe than a martinet. Joanne gasps from the outset–she knows how to do it, and from a theatrical viewpoint, she would have reason. Lee hands the whip to Karen for her to add a few licks.

Lee doesn’t like Karen’s milder strokes. “Pull your pants down.” Lee will whip Karen, encouraging her to increase the intensity on Joanne, which happens. Lee finishes up with Joanne, eliciting squeals for his final flurry.

Karen takes Joanne’s place. and her magnificent bottom is elevated on the bolster. For the aficionado of the buttocks, this film is recommended. Two classic models and excellent filming from NW for this era. When Joanne gets her turn, she whips harder. Lee whips Joanne while she works on Karen. Lots of bottom here.

At the end, Lee arranges the two bottoms on the bed. Some brief frontals as the girls place themselves. There must have been some film time left, because Joanne is tied down again for more whipping; Karen sits at her head to hold her still.

Maybe we were just in the mood, but we loved this basic film.

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