Kyrie Meets Electra – NUWEST NWV-134

14 Jun

F/f; year: 1987; time: 26 minutes
A curiosity from NU-WEST, another film by early CP actress ‘Kyrie Kelly,’ in the beginnings of her career. We chuckle at the producers, who spelled her name as ‘Kieri’ here; Ms. Kelly has said in an interview that even ‘Kyrie’ was a NW invention.

‘Electra’ plays a dominatrix and opens the film by giving her contact information in the San Diego area, in case you are inclined. We are on a set decorated in distracting light blue.

Electra laces Kyrie into a simple bustier, boobs exposed. White panties, garter belt, stockings. Lee loved his undies. Lots of parading and chatter in this film. Electra smacks Kyrie with a paddle as she prances.

After a FADE, Kyrie is kneeling naked on a little bench, head down, bottom up, one of Lee’s demonstrated favorite poses. She wears just white heels. Electra circles and paddles, zoom on puss. It is a mild paddling–Kyrie was never one to take hard stuff. She complained in that interview that Lee ambushed her in their last film and gave her more than planned.

Electra’s dominatrix outfits in this film are of the Halloween variety. One pussy shot of Kyrie suggests she might actually be enjoying this.

After another scene change, Kyrie sits topless on a saddle om its stand, she is wearing only jodphurs and boots. She stands in the stirrups so that Electra can smack her bottom. We get the first real facials here. She climbs off the saddle and bends over it for a mild strapping.

Another scene change; Kyrie plays a little girl and is cornered, wearing what might be meant to be a skater’s costume. Some faux spanking follows. We would be recommending you NOT call Electra, who was probably just a willing low-wage hire for this film.

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