Stepmother – MOOD PICTURES

14 Jun

MF/2f; time: 53 minutes
An attempt at a domestic setting, unusual for MOOD. An exterior scene, two girls sun in bikini’s. They call the gardener ‘Jonny’ to spread suntan lotion on their backs.

‘Maximilian Lomp’ plays the girls’ ‘father.’ He informs them he is going to remarry, and that their new stepmother will be arriving soon.
The stepmother arrives, with HER daughter ‘Annette’ in tow. The stage is set for plenty of feminine posturing, and spanking always works.

Daughters brunette ‘Jennifer’ and blonde ‘Sindy’ are predictably hostile to the stepmother and Annette. The stepmother suggests that a little corporal punishment might sort things out. Max acts as if he doesn’t know how it is done. Stepmother will show him, using her own daughter.

Annette does a decent job of not being too thrilled about being a demonstrator, because she knows that her mother requires all clothes to come off. Annette removes her jeans, top, and thong. The stepmother explains “level 1,” which is a belt on her bottom. Max is getting an eyeful.

“Level 2” is a rapid acceleration. Annette must assume the diaper position on a table, even more for Max to absorb. More belt.

Max and his wife-to-be will step into the next room and try it on his daughters. When Max offers them a choice, they will take a spanking or hand over their cell phones, car keys, and credit cards or cooperate. They agree. You can bring down any girl with this choice.

Jennifer will go first. “Get naked.” Right to Level 2, the diaper position on the bed, she locks her legs up with her arms. Jennifer has to count out 30 with the belt, ‘thank you’ style. Now this is a stepmother right out of Little Red Riding Hood, because the last strap stroke is a vertical one, on the pussy. MOOD style’

Blonde Sindy gets the same 30, naked, including attention to her vagina, while Jennifer watches naked. A new regimen is established in this household.

“A Few Weeks Later” Sisters Jennifer and Sindy are warming up to step-sister Annette, who admits to being a total innocent, except of course for being able to strip naked for others. They show Annette how to kiss. They call in the gardener Jonny, who they threaten with rape claims. “Take your cock out.” He hesitates, but he has done this before. They encourage Annette to experiment with a handjob. One sister slips off to report Annette. It was a trap and it didn’t last long enough for Jonny to be rewarded.

On a darkened set, we transition to the prototype MOOD punishment scene. Annette strips first and kneels over a box platform, Max gives her 30 cane strokes, having mastered this CP stuff quickly. Laddered marks and some skin pops, and down those thighs.

Max summons Jonny, who claims he was blackmailed to open his pants. The sisters confess. Back to the punishment room, Jennifer and Sindy both get a nasty MOOD caning and must apologize to Annette after each stroke.

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