Beneath the Cane – BONVUE/B and D PLEASURES

15 Jun

M/2f; time:58 minutes
Early and playful spanking film. The actor ‘Sonny Daze’ never hurt a fly, but he did attract some noted CP girls in other films–Tanya Fox and Kyrie Kelly come to mind.

In a simple exterior scene, Sonny catches two girls smoking in the woods, despite the warning signs. Silly and awful acting, the sound quality not so good. The girls beg, is there an alternative to being reported to the police? “Jail or a bare bottom spanking…with a switch.”

Sonny explains what a ‘switch’ is, and one of the girls cuts one with his knife. Each in turn the girls drop their jeans and panties, bend over a wall, and take a mild whipping, typical of all these Daze films. It must have been cold here–everyone has a lot of clothes on.

A separate segment: ‘Kim Wilde’ arrives at “Bare Bottom Video,” answering an advertisement to perform. ‘Justine’ greets her. Kim claims, “I’ve never been spanked before.” Justine starts a sample spanking. Dress up, bare bottom, her thong serves as a handle.Sonny Daze enters and joins in the spanking, largely silly.

The next segment, 24 minutes long, is one of the more erotic from Daze. He plays a dance instructor supervising the training of a nifty and lithe little brunette, doing her ballet moves in front of him, wearing what they will call a “unitard.” Daze pokes ‘Hannah’ with a cane and is finally disturbed enough to move to punishment.

Hannah bends over a straight chair. The unitard is like a second skin. After some handspanking, she strips off the unitard. A lovely little perfect non-professional body. She is wearing just her toe shoes. Some nice casting, this is. He threatens the cane if she does not improve. She pulls on the unitard, center screen.

FADE. Hannah does ballet positions on the floor. Daze hovers over her. She is on her stomach, legs splayed at right angles, a position essentially impossible. Makes us think of some of the later NETTLES films, where the dancers are naked in these poses.

Some OTK spanking, unitard peeled down. She dresses and dances again. No good. Daze wants the unitard off now. Hannah covers her face, because now it is going to be the cane. Naked, she grabs her ankles, which this dancer does quite easily. Daze canes her, actually quite hard, we counted 30 strokes. “That is twice as bad as what you did yesterday.”

But Daze is not finished. He has Hannah stand and put her arms on her shoulders. 20 more cane strokes. Almost continuous dialogue during these canings prevented the use of repeats. Again Hannah dresses on screen, while Daze whacks her bottom.

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