Fresh Tender Asses – BONVUE/B and D PLEASURES

15 Jun

F/2f; time:58 minutes

Two fantasies featuring none other than Tanya Fox! And she will save the best for last. In the first scenario Tanya is arguing with her blonde roommate, who is late getting ready for a double-date they have. The blonde is naked in a shower, in a bathroom larger than many New York apartments, but a set effective for the spanking to come.

The blonde is statuesque, if we say so, at least 6″ taller than Tanya. Tanya has pageboy dark hair here–if it is real. She had a series of hairstyles during her varied porno career. She is wearing a two-piece latex outfit. What kind of date was this to be?

She begins spanking the blonde OTK. A lot of girl and a lot of bottom. Typical silly dialogue. Tanya takes her top off–she has always liked to undress while she is spanking someone. She is proud of her natural, normal boobs. Spanking, caressing, various postures, playful lesbian stuff.

Tanya takes off her latex skirt and now to down to a latex garter belt, stockings, and black panties. Paddle next, Tanya always likes to caress, rake with her fingernails, and pry cheeks apart. Good camera shots from low angles. Both girls seem to be having fun.

It is a long scene in the bathroom, 26 minutes. Spanking, hugging, French kissing.

The second scenario, also in a domestic setting, this time a kitchen. A blonde in pink enters and greets Tanya, who is wearing one of her breezy dresses, common in her CP career, at NUWEST, CALSTAR, and SHADOWLANE, among others. The camera pans both glorious girls.

The blonde will be spanked, first standing, dress up, red thong. The girls are having a good time. Tanya takes a seat to spank her friend OTK. Massaging, fingernails, prying. The blonde takes off her tight knit dress, thong at her thighs, pubic fuzz.

Tanya unbuttons her own dress down the front. Glamorous coordinated white undies for this slightly retro actress, who knows the cues. Bra off, sweet little boobs, down to white panties and garter belt.

Tanya, getting naked herself, continues to spank her friend, with a small paddle and wetting her bottom with a kitchen sponge.

Now the blonde stands and starts to tease at Tanya’s satin panties, the first of that bottom we have seen in this film. The panties are worked down with theatrical charm. We have described this bottom a few times–it’s launched a thousand ships, should be on Mt. Rushmore, etc. The full screen well-lit shots might be the best we have seen of her. There is a lot to choose from. Two mostly naked girls fill the screen.

French kissing, an intentional fuzz flash from naughty Tanya. Wonderful film.

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