Pandora and New Master 1 and 2 – REDSTRIPE

15 Jun

M/f; time: 46 minutes
‘Pandora Blake’ and ‘Thomas Cameron’ are featured in this well-made British-toned film. Pandora is delivered by limousine to Thomas’ house. He climbs in the back seat with her to give her a long lecture–she will be his servant. “Disobedience is punished in my house.” And she is late, already disobedient.

She enters the house, wearing a red kilt and a black top. Her hair is a little disheveled, which adds to her confused and harried demeanor. She is already sniffling. She is ordered to undress. Black sweater, kilt, black top, and bra. When she hooks her fingers into her panties: “Leave those where they are. I will do that myself.”

Thomas puts a thick leather slave’s collar on her, slowly and with ritual. Pandora shuffles nervously. “Take your hands away from your bottom, girl.” Now he is ready. He pulls down her panties. When he runs a forefinger down her naked belly, she shivers.

OTK, the spanking begins, and Pandora gasps from the first. Hard smacks leave palm prints on her bottom. Cameron removes the panties completely. Pandora stands, hands-on-head, Cameron shows her his hairbrush. More OTK, hard hairbrushing. When she stands again we get a detailed frontal; she is mostly shaved. Cameron caresses and gives her a good frig. With a red bottom she is sent to bed.

Part 2: ‘The First Day’ Pandora comes downstairs in the morning, wearing a short robe. He wants it off. She wears a white satin nightie. Into the frisk position at the wall, nightie up, no panties. Cameron uses a short martinet. Pandora yelps from the first. Her bottom is clear here; it looked like a Macintosh when she went to bed.

Pandora drops the nightie and begins to move around the room naked, lean, svelte, perfect. She kneels submissively on her haunches for the collar again. He strokes her and she shivers. Bend over a chair, legs spread, plenty of puss.

‘The Training’ In just stockings and nothing else, she parades back and forth in the morning sunlit room. He cracks her bottom with a crop when she passes within range.

‘The Punishment’ Naked, bent over a chair, she gets some tawse, just moderate. Low shots, her vagina is open, we can see her boobs hanging. Excellent facials and various angles–a professional on the camera here. Pandora kneels on a hassock, bottom up, fully red. Punishment complete, she stands cornered while Cameron lounges.

The graphic reads: “The End of the First Day for Pandora. To Be Continued.”

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