Russian Teen Spanking

15 Jun

Video #5 (M/f; time: 51 minutes) We will assign these films to NETTLES, for lack of knowledge of who the producer is. The screenwriting doesn’t feel like NETTLES. There are some elements of classic domestic spanking situations, not the histrionic comedy often developed in the ‘Russian’ films.

A very pretty brunette has done a shoddy job of cleaning the kitchen and she is going to be spanked for it. It will be mostly mild stuff. Her husband, boyfriend, or housemate starts on her black skirt, a handspanking and wooden spoon. Skirt up, transparent white lace panties.
Her skirt keeps going up and down as they change positions.

Finally, she takes off her bra and panties. Naked spanking, but there will be no tears here. Strap and big paddle. Long nude views. More spanking, in the diaper position. Then she is cornered, nude, another nod to classic CP films not-Russian.

The second half of this film is a repetition, from different camera(s) and probably some outtakes. We were not sufficiently interested to figure what which or what.

Video #6 (M/2f; time: 55 minutes) A similar plot, a brunette returns to a messy apartment, her doing apparently. She starts to sweep but is interrupted by her male companion. The spanking will start immediately.

OTK, her skirt rides up, no panties, just a little thong. Various spanking positions not interesting enough to detail. She put to work in the kitchen bare-bottom. After a spill, she is spanked again. Bra off, now all that remains is the little white lace thong. He uses a huge reformatory strap, a real weapon used only mildly. Finally, the thong is kicked away, naked, OTK again. The guy caresses after each stroke, the best idea of all, if only he would smack a little harder. Back to work again, this time jaybird.

A second story: a post teenager makes the bed in her apartment, apparently waiting for her roommate, who soon arrives, a very cute brunette. Both wear schoolgirl kilts. The arriving girl, we’ll call her ‘A,’ takes ‘B’ OTK for a formulaic series of spankings and positioning–white thong, hands-on-head, straps, paddle, bend-overs, blouse and skirt off, etc. Nothing special, mild spanking, but the models are first class.

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