Sexy Cleaning Company #16,#17 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

15 Jun

#16 M/f; time: 12 Minutes) A series, including some renowned CP actresses, here ‘Nicky Montford.’ Stern interviews her for the ‘cleaning’ job and explains that the male clients really want to see sexy bend-overs more than anything else.

Nicky pulls off her red knit dress to display black undies, then practices sexy cleaning around Stern’s place while he films herm with POV-like shots. He proceeds to spank her, the camera in a fixed position. Not quite the intensity Ms. Montford is known for, but her bottom and thighs do become red and bruised and Stern gets rid of her panties.

#17 M/f; time: 11 minutes
A series here; ENGLISHSPANKERS made a sequence of films where girls are interviewed to work as sexy housecleaners, the emphasis on spanking. Amelia Jane Rutherford is interviewed here, and ‘Mr. Stern’ will videotape the proceedings to used in his marketing.

Stern explains that the more sexy she presents herself, the more jobs she will get. Amelia is fine with this and describes all the naughty outfits she has at home. We aficionados of AJR can attest to that.

Stern explains that some of the men who see her video might want to hire her to spank her. Amelia, in prototypically complex dialogue for a CP film, suggests Stern form “a subdivision…a spanking cleaning company.”

For the filming, Amelia shows how she will clean, lots of bend-
overs, spread legs, and teasing. Stern wonders if she is always like this. We are to believe that Ms. Rutherford is quite the conservative girl unless she is being paid. Stern spanks her and videotapes as much as he can. She plays the “Please don’t take my panties down” routines. Stern shows her spanking implements men like to use.

At the conclusion she flashes a frontal, yet another pubic trim, or actually the lack of one.

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