Corporal Punishment in Women’s Institutions #1

16 Jun

2F/3f; time: 30 minutes
Three girls will be marched into a faux punishment room and dealt with by two rather glamorous ‘matrons,’ in this, one of the earliest of the institutional depictions from NU-WEST. Crude, but the seeds of growth are here. None of the five girls in the cast became regulars at NW, although some appear elsewhere.

A very cute blonde is the first to report. She wears just a sleeveless white undershirt/gymslip, white panties, and knee socks, no bra. She quickly strips naked and is assisted to lie on a padded table. No shaving by any of the three girls we will see here.

The blonde is loosely tied wrists and ankles to the table with strands of rope. The girl has a soaring round bottom, perfect for this posture. The two matrons take turns strapping her. The strokes are somewhat faked, but the girl’s suffering is entertaining. The oblique angle of he camera catches both facials and the spanking action.

The second girl, a brunette, is the best endowed; and the third, another blonde, is on the thin side. The camera doesn’t show any rear closeups, so the matrons could have moderated the hits somehow.

These multi-bottom punishment room films only got better, enhanced by NU-WEST regulars arriving on the scene.

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