Stepdaughter 2 – NUWEST NWV-132

17 Jun

MF/f; time: 31 minutes

Another ancient and clunky NUWEST, where Ed Lee plays a character other than himself. He sits at morning coffee with his wife; his daughter ‘Jane’ has been staying out all night, and the step-mother thinks it is time for discipline. Lee refuses to do it, turns it over to his wife, and leave for work.

Jane, a small brunette, returns home, the wife confronts her, and threatens spanking. “I’m too old to be whipped.” The wife explains to her that her father had said, “Go ahead and give her a belt lesson.” After an argument, Jane lies lengthwise on a couch and the wife belts her ineffectively on her slacks. It was either that or “boarding school.”

That evening, Lee returns home, learns that the whipping made no impression (we actually don’t know that), so he will do it. Into her room, “Take your jeans down,” She gets the hairbrush on panties then on the bare.

In a new scene, Jane is prevented from going out in the evening. She is wearing a provocative (for this film) bra,panty, and garter belt set, which must be designed for action with her boyfriend. She earns another session with the hairbrush from both her father and her step-mother.

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