Older Men and Younger Wives – SHADOWLANE

17 Jun

2M/2f; time: 43 minutes 1990’s
We’re made some corrections to this review, thanks to a courteous reader. These American films, featuring ‘Jay Dee’ and a group of American models, seem to have been made in fun. It is difficult to imagine they anticipated a profitable venture. The films were made probably in the time when a flash of frontal nudity could be gotten away with, and when a bare bottom spanking was still a fetish sensation. We think we were sneaking into adult theaters in this era to see Russ Meyer films.

‘Kiri Kelly’ and her blond sister ‘Bunny’ sneak off to Las Vegas, to break the monotony of nights alone. They lose $3000 from their savings and must confess to their husbands when they slink home.

Jay Dee is ‘Kiri’s’ husband. He confronts her in the couch/living room set this producer often used. He grabs her OTK in a silly struggle. Skirt up, black panties and garter belt. This is very early ‘Kiri,’ her acting is rough, but it must be noted she was one of the first willing and adventurous bottoms to give things a try.

Long uneventful spanking, panties down. FADE to another scene–blond Bunny is jumped by her husband. Same silly spanking.

Cut back to Kiri on her couch at home; Bunny’s husband has come over to spank her himself, and to complete the turnabout and for the boys to get their $3000 worth, Jay Dee spanks Bunny.

And finally, the girls argue among themselves as to whose idea the Vegas trip was anyway. Bunny gets Kiri OTK, and when she finally gets to the hairbrush, we see the first bruises or color to speak of in the film. The spanking becomes hard enough to make the acting easier.

2 Responses to “Older Men and Younger Wives – SHADOWLANE”

  1. Luca July 9, 2016 at 1:32 pm #

    ..But this is the Shadow Lane’s ‘Older men with Younger wives’… A 1990 classic! What’s happen? Clastar bought the tapes?

    • spankingfilmreview July 18, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

      thanks; we’ll make this correction; we guessed on the origin; found the fragment somewhere and enjoyed enough to review. you are a historian; thanks for reading.

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