Russian Slaves #19 – NETTLES

21 Jun

M/f; M/f; time: 28 minutes 2 episodes
The Russians pick up plot ideas from the British; they needn’t have–there are ample stories out of the East.

A girl has been sent to the headmaster for corporal punishment. She is a small brunette with a sophisticated hairstyle which makes her look older than the schoolgirl she portrays. The headmaster or teacher announces the punishment–12 strokes on each hand AND each foot, then 24 strokes on the bare bottom. She was caught in the boys’ dorm.

First, a dozen cane strokes on each palm, not all that hard. The brunette then removes her jacket, skirt, and panties and kneels on a footstool, offering her bare feet for the bastinado. The strike angle doesn’t work, so she kneels up on the chair to provide a better target.

For the cane on the bottom, she strips off the rest of her clothes–blouse and bra are all that are left. She is a well-built student, a lot of girl packed into a small body. 24 cane strokes, a few positions, full frontals, very nice.

The second episode is another Continental-influenced story, a girl in full maid’s costume being disciplined by her master, who the subtitlers insist on referring to as the ‘Barin.’ She bends over a table for a conventional strapping.

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