Schoolroom Discipline

21 Jun

F/f; time: 51 minutes
We have not been able to identify the producer of this film yet; they are a naughty bunch of guys, though, and they have created one of our favorites in what seems just another drab schoolgirl spanking story. They will push the envelope.

A redhead schoolgirl sits on a toilet, sneaking a smoke and masturbating. She is wearing a pinafore just long enough to be legal. She is caught and taken to the principal’s office, where she is confronted by a dour matron-type who will push her to new places.

The matron begins with simple palm-slaps. Then bend over a chair for the school ruler on her white panties. The girl is allowed to sit again. “I want to see how you pleasure yourself…show me.” The girl drops her panties and begins to masturbate in front of the matron. She is shaved.

Bend-over the chair again; cane on the panties, 6 strokes. Sit again, more masturbation for the matron. She is leaning forward a bit to watch. Over the desk again, panties down, another half-dozen with the cane, surprisingly hard, real marks, zoom in as they ripen.

The redhead stands to masturbate on her feet. “Turn around, I want to see your bottom…what a lovely picture…pain gone?” The girl leans over the chair, panties stretched at her knees, six more of the cane.

We keep going. The girl strips. Panties off, shoes, socks, tunic, blouse off. No bra. “Why are you not wearing a bra?” She wants the redhead to turn and bend over again. “Aah,” see likes what she sees. The matron has the girl rub her bottom and her boobs at the same time. “Pleasure yourself.” With a finger.

The door must have been locked. The matron clears her desk and the naked girl kneels up. “Legs wide apart.” Six more of the cane, very revealing. The matron has more excuse to continue the discipline–painted fingernails and toenails. More demonstration masturbation.

On the cleared desk, into the diaper position. 6 more of the cane, naughty stuff. The girl is gasping now, and for good reason.

She is allowed to dress and leave, taking her backpack with her, a salacious little touch.

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