Cash Strapped Girls – REDSTRIPE/STRAND

22 Jun

F/f; time: 16 minutes
A fun theme; an advertisement has appeared in the newspaper, short term interest-free loans to certain people in return for some other compensation. Could be a series.

Sally Binkerhoff‘ needs to borrow 200 pounds to repair some furniture of her parents she damaged at a party. The woman running the game meets Sally in the kitchen of her house and explains: the money will be lent today if Sally will take a strapping. After just a moment, Sally accepts.

Sally bends over the kitchen counter. The set is very tight and small here; it would have been fun if they went into a studio scene, to suggest that this happens often as the ads are answered. And maybe flip on a video camera. First, handspanking on her denim skirt. Skirt flipped up, Sally wears loud patterned panties. The woman likes what she sees. “Ooh, a nice red bottom already.”

Sally pulls her own knickers down and they move to the strap. We can imagine the shadow investors who might join in a scheme like this.

‘Kami Robertson’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Kami has a more serious problem. She needs 1000 pounds. She awaits a house call from the Strapped For Cash’ firm. A woman arrives and quickly agrees to lend Kami the money. The principal must be returned in a year. The Interest on the principal, here, now, before payment.

Kami signs the agreement. It will be “bare bottom over my lap.” OTK on the couch. “We’ll start on your trousers.” After the warmup, Kami stands and drops her trousers and panties, affirming what we know, this is a great feminine bottom. Kami remains quiet—she is challenged in the English language. The woman spanks harder. “What if your husband found out.” No wonder Kami is so compliant.

Kami is encouraged to take more of a kneeling posture while OTK—the woman wants her bottom more elevated. Harder and faster. Apple red. Good for Kami. The woman gets the money for Kami. She flashes frontals without embarrassment. She rubs her bottom, paper bills clutched.

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