Cash Strapped Girls – REDSTRIPE

22 Jun

F/f; time: 16 minutes
A fun theme; an advertisement has appeared in the newspaper, short term interest-free loans to certain people in return for some other compensation. Could be a series.

‘Sally Bikerstaff’ needs to borrow 200 pounds to repair some furniture of her parents she damaged at a party. The woman running the game meets Sally in the kitchen of her house and explains: the money will be lent today if Sally will take a strapping. After just a moment, Sally accepts.

Sally bends over the kitchen counter. The set is very tight and small here; it would have been fun if they went into a studio scene, to suggest that this happens often as the ads are answered. And maybe flip on a video camera. First, handspanking on her denim skirt. Skirt flipped up, Sally wears loud patterned panties. The woman likes what she sees. “Ooh, a nice red bottom already.”

Sally pulls her own knickers down and they move to the strap. We can imagine the shadow investors who might join in a scheme like this.

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