Her Fantasies-Amelia Jane Rutherford -STRICTLYENGLISH

22 Jun

year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

The accomplished CP  actress narrates: she is going to make a spanking film and has been preparing; “I have been shopping…I  don’t know exactly what we are doing today.” Amelia wears shorter curly hair here; she shows us what she has bought, including underwear which cost “fifty pounds.” she undresses and dresses on-screen–the usual wonderful buttocks shots. “Ah. I wish I had bigger breasts….oh, well!” She puts on a scandalously short skirt, top, and zip knee boots.

Downstairs, she interviews with an actor we’ve seen in some of her films. “You’re asking for a spanking….you’re dressed for the part…..last time we were just testing you.” Great coy and innocent facials during this conversation. The guy thought she enjoyed herself last time, so he wants to know her secret fantasies. “How do you know I have any fantasies?”

He grabs her OTK over the couch, not much of a struggle. “I  want your fantasies.” “I don’t want to.”  White satin panties, elegantly tight. He gives her 12 hard smacks, and if she doesn’t confide, the panties come down. (This is probably one of her fantasies, as it is ours).

Panties down, that high bottom soars on the guy’s lap. “I need your fantasies so we can play them on film.” She sits on her haunches on the floor, knickers at her knees, a pose well suited to her lithe body. More OTK, panties down, then is she sent upstairs to change for her ‘second fantasy.’

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