Spanked For Shopping – B and D PLEASURES

30 Jun

M/2f; time: 27 minutes
A harmless and playful adventure made in the early 1990’s by ‘Sonny Daze’ and another lucky find for us, a segment with ‘Tanya Fox’ in the early stages of her porn career, before the hardcore stuff, where she would use her estimable bottom for other purposes.

In the first episode, Sonny’s wife, a cute blonde, comes home with a bag of new lingerie. She teases him with some of the items, but he is disturbed by the cost, despite the titillation. “You know what I ought to do?…”

She knows; he takes her OTK, bunch her black undies, and has his way, gradually undressing her. As the scene fades, she is trying on things for him. She’ll be back out there soon and back here OTK.

Sonny and his wife discuss what in the world to do with sister Tanya, who is just an incorrigible shopper. Ms. Fox is an edible package here–in white blouse, denim skirt, and heels. Sonny takes her OTK and she squeals, as no one else can do just that way. When her skirt comes up, we’re absolutely sure both Sonny and his wife are dazzled for the moment by her bottom. To complete the session, Sonny adds a few smacks to his wife’s tush.

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