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Schoolroom Discipline

21 Jun

F/f; time: 51 minutes
We have not been able to identify the producer of this film yet; they are a naughty bunch of guys, though, and they have created one of our favorites in what seems just another drab schoolgirl spanking story. They will push the envelope.

A redhead schoolgirl sits on a toilet, sneaking a smoke and masturbating. She is wearing a pinafore just long enough to be legal. She is caught and taken to the principal’s office, where she is confronted by a dour matron-type who will push her to new places.

The matron begins with simple palm-slaps. Then bend over a chair for the school ruler on her white panties. The girl is allowed to sit again. “I want to see how you pleasure yourself…show me.” The girl drops her panties and begins to masturbate in front of the matron. She is shaved.

Bend-over the chair again; cane on the panties, 6 strokes. Sit again, more masturbation for the matron. She is leaning forward a bit to watch. Over the desk again, panties down, another half-dozen with the cane, surprisingly hard, real marks, zoom in as they ripen.

The redhead stands to masturbate on her feet. “Turn around, I want to see your bottom…what a lovely picture…pain gone?” The girl leans over the chair, panties stretched at her knees, six more of the cane.

We keep going. The girl strips. Panties off, shoes, socks, tunic, blouse off. No bra. “Why are you not wearing a bra?” She wants the redhead to turn and bend over again. “Aah,” see likes what she sees. The matron has the girl rub her bottom and her boobs at the same time. “Pleasure yourself.” With a finger.

The door must have been locked. The matron clears her desk and the naked girl kneels up. “Legs wide apart.” Six more of the cane, very revealing. The matron has more excuse to continue the discipline–painted fingernails and toenails. More demonstration masturbation.

On the cleared desk, into the diaper position. 6 more of the cane, naughty stuff. The girl is gasping now, and for good reason.

She is allowed to dress and leave, taking her backpack with her, a salacious little touch.

Russian Slaves #19 – NETTLES

21 Jun

M/f; M/f; time: 28 minutes 2 episodes
The Russians pick up plot ideas from the British; they needn’t have–there are ample stories out of the East.

A girl has been sent to the headmaster for corporal punishment. She is a small brunette with a sophisticated hairstyle which makes her look older than the schoolgirl she portrays. The headmaster or teacher announces the punishment–12 strokes on each hand AND each foot, then 24 strokes on the bare bottom. She was caught in the boys’ dorm.

First, a dozen cane strokes on each palm, not all that hard. The brunette then removes her jacket, skirt, and panties and kneels on a footstool, offering her bare feet for the bastinado. The strike angle doesn’t work, so she kneels up on the chair to provide a better target.

For the cane on the bottom, she strips off the rest of her clothes–blouse and bra are all that are left. She is a well-built student, a lot of girl packed into a small body. 24 cane strokes, a few positions, full frontals, very nice.

The second episode is another Continental-influenced story, a girl in full maid’s costume being disciplined by her master, who the subtitlers insist on referring to as the ‘Barin.’ She bends over a table for a conventional strapping.

Stepdaughter 2 – NUWEST NWV-132

17 Jun

MF/f; time: 31 minutes

Another ancient and clunky NUWEST, where Ed Lee plays a character other than himself. He sits at morning coffee with his wife; his daughter ‘Jane’ has been staying out all night, and the step-mother thinks it is time for discipline. Lee refuses to do it, turns it over to his wife, and leave for work.

Jane, a small brunette, returns home, the wife confronts her, and threatens spanking. “I’m too old to be whipped.” The wife explains to her that her father had said, “Go ahead and give her a belt lesson.” After an argument, Jane lies lengthwise on a couch and the wife belts her ineffectively on her slacks. It was either that or “boarding school.”

That evening, Lee returns home, learns that the whipping made no impression (we actually don’t know that), so he will do it. Into her room, “Take your jeans down,” She gets the hairbrush on panties then on the bare.

In a new scene, Jane is prevented from going out in the evening. She is wearing a provocative (for this film) bra,panty, and garter belt set, which must be designed for action with her boyfriend. She earns another session with the hairbrush from both her father and her step-mother.

Older Men and Younger Wives – SHADOWLANE

17 Jun

2M/2f; time: 43 minutes 1990’s
We’re made some corrections to this review, thanks to a courteous reader. These American films, featuring ‘Jay Dee’ and a group of American models, seem to have been made in fun. It is difficult to imagine they anticipated a profitable venture. The films were made probably in the time when a flash of frontal nudity could be gotten away with, and when a bare bottom spanking was still a fetish sensation. We think we were sneaking into adult theaters in this era to see Russ Meyer films.

‘Kiri Kelly’ and her blond sister ‘Bunny’ sneak off to Las Vegas, to break the monotony of nights alone. They lose $3000 from their savings and must confess to their husbands when they slink home.

Jay Dee is ‘Kiri’s’ husband. He confronts her in the couch/living room set this producer often used. He grabs her OTK in a silly struggle. Skirt up, black panties and garter belt. This is very early ‘Kiri,’ her acting is rough, but it must be noted she was one of the first willing and adventurous bottoms to give things a try.

Long uneventful spanking, panties down. FADE to another scene–blond Bunny is jumped by her husband. Same silly spanking.

Cut back to Kiri on her couch at home; Bunny’s husband has come over to spank her himself, and to complete the turnabout and for the boys to get their $3000 worth, Jay Dee spanks Bunny.

And finally, the girls argue among themselves as to whose idea the Vegas trip was anyway. Bunny gets Kiri OTK, and when she finally gets to the hairbrush, we see the first bruises or color to speak of in the film. The spanking becomes hard enough to make the acting easier.

Corporal Punishment in Women’s Institutions #1

16 Jun

2F/3f; time: 30 minutes
Three girls will be marched into a faux punishment room and dealt with by two rather glamorous ‘matrons,’ in this, one of the earliest of the institutional depictions from NU-WEST. Crude, but the seeds of growth are here. None of the five girls in the cast became regulars at NW, although some appear elsewhere.

A very cute blonde is the first to report. She wears just a sleeveless white undershirt/gymslip, white panties, and knee socks, no bra. She quickly strips naked and is assisted to lie on a padded table. No shaving by any of the three girls we will see here.

The blonde is loosely tied wrists and ankles to the table with strands of rope. The girl has a soaring round bottom, perfect for this posture. The two matrons take turns strapping her. The strokes are somewhat faked, but the girl’s suffering is entertaining. The oblique angle of he camera catches both facials and the spanking action.

The second girl, a brunette, is the best endowed; and the third, another blonde, is on the thin side. The camera doesn’t show any rear closeups, so the matrons could have moderated the hits somehow.

These multi-bottom punishment room films only got better, enhanced by NU-WEST regulars arriving on the scene.

Cindy and the Paddle – NUWEST

16 Jun

F/f; time: 10 minutes
One of the original silent 8 MM films, ‘Cindy’ being paddled by her mother for a bad report card. We are not historians of adult films and pornography, but this must have been the equivalent of a ‘smoker’ film, before spanking could be specifically depicted.

Cindy, in adolescent dress, gets a fraternity paddle on the bare in the center of her living room. These early films were made or acquired from off-site in people’s houses, before Ed Lee set up his San Marco operation.

David and the Girls – NUWEST

16 Jun

2F/m; time: 25 minutes
We created this title; two girls work out, in shorts, on the simple barren NW set. One girl complains to her friend, ‘David’s’ cousin, that he is coming on to her and that she does not like it.

The girls decide to jump David. The actor/model David made many films for NU-WEST; we have described his propensity for achieving an erection just for being spoken to. The two girls wrestle David in various choreographed moves. He will not be given a chance to show his stuff in this film.

The girls get his shorts down and spank in various positions and with a series of implements.

Pandora and New Master 1 and 2 – REDSTRIPE

15 Jun

M/f; time: 46 minutes
‘Pandora Blake’ and ‘Thomas Cameron’ are featured in this well-made British-toned film. Pandora is delivered by limousine to Thomas’ house. He climbs in the back seat with her to give her a long lecture–she will be his servant. “Disobedience is punished in my house.” And she is late, already disobedient.

She enters the house, wearing a red kilt and a black top. Her hair is a little disheveled, which adds to her confused and harried demeanor. She is already sniffling. She is ordered to undress. Black sweater, kilt, black top, and bra. When she hooks her fingers into her panties: “Leave those where they are. I will do that myself.”

Thomas puts a thick leather slave’s collar on her, slowly and with ritual. Pandora shuffles nervously. “Take your hands away from your bottom, girl.” Now he is ready. He pulls down her panties. When he runs a forefinger down her naked belly, she shivers.

OTK, the spanking begins, and Pandora gasps from the first. Hard smacks leave palm prints on her bottom. Cameron removes the panties completely. Pandora stands, hands-on-head, Cameron shows her his hairbrush. More OTK, hard hairbrushing. When she stands again we get a detailed frontal; she is mostly shaved. Cameron caresses and gives her a good frig. With a red bottom she is sent to bed.

Part 2: ‘The First Day’ Pandora comes downstairs in the morning, wearing a short robe. He wants it off. She wears a white satin nightie. Into the frisk position at the wall, nightie up, no panties. Cameron uses a short martinet. Pandora yelps from the first. Her bottom is clear here; it looked like a Macintosh when she went to bed.

Pandora drops the nightie and begins to move around the room naked, lean, svelte, perfect. She kneels submissively on her haunches for the collar again. He strokes her and she shivers. Bend over a chair, legs spread, plenty of puss.

‘The Training’ In just stockings and nothing else, she parades back and forth in the morning sunlit room. He cracks her bottom with a crop when she passes within range.

‘The Punishment’ Naked, bent over a chair, she gets some tawse, just moderate. Low shots, her vagina is open, we can see her boobs hanging. Excellent facials and various angles–a professional on the camera here. Pandora kneels on a hassock, bottom up, fully red. Punishment complete, she stands cornered while Cameron lounges.

The graphic reads: “The End of the First Day for Pandora. To Be Continued.”

Russian Teen Spanking

15 Jun

Video #5 (M/f; time: 51 minutes) We will assign these films to NETTLES, for lack of knowledge of who the producer is. The screenwriting doesn’t feel like NETTLES. There are some elements of classic domestic spanking situations, not the histrionic comedy often developed in the ‘Russian’ films.

A very pretty brunette has done a shoddy job of cleaning the kitchen and she is going to be spanked for it. It will be mostly mild stuff. Her husband, boyfriend, or housemate starts on her black skirt, a handspanking and wooden spoon. Skirt up, transparent white lace panties.
Her skirt keeps going up and down as they change positions.

Finally, she takes off her bra and panties. Naked spanking, but there will be no tears here. Strap and big paddle. Long nude views. More spanking, in the diaper position. Then she is cornered, nude, another nod to classic CP films not-Russian.

The second half of this film is a repetition, from different camera(s) and probably some outtakes. We were not sufficiently interested to figure what which or what.

Video #6 (M/2f; time: 55 minutes) A similar plot, a brunette returns to a messy apartment, her doing apparently. She starts to sweep but is interrupted by her male companion. The spanking will start immediately.

OTK, her skirt rides up, no panties, just a little thong. Various spanking positions not interesting enough to detail. She put to work in the kitchen bare-bottom. After a spill, she is spanked again. Bra off, now all that remains is the little white lace thong. He uses a huge reformatory strap, a real weapon used only mildly. Finally, the thong is kicked away, naked, OTK again. The guy caresses after each stroke, the best idea of all, if only he would smack a little harder. Back to work again, this time jaybird.

A second story: a post teenager makes the bed in her apartment, apparently waiting for her roommate, who soon arrives, a very cute brunette. Both wear schoolgirl kilts. The arriving girl, we’ll call her ‘A,’ takes ‘B’ OTK for a formulaic series of spankings and positioning–white thong, hands-on-head, straps, paddle, bend-overs, blouse and skirt off, etc. Nothing special, mild spanking, but the models are first class.

Fresh Tender Asses – BONVUE/B and D PLEASURES

15 Jun

F/2f; time:58 minutes

Two fantasies featuring none other than Tanya Fox! And she will save the best for last. In the first scenario Tanya is arguing with her blonde roommate, who is late getting ready for a double-date they have. The blonde is naked in a shower, in a bathroom larger than many New York apartments, but a set effective for the spanking to come.

The blonde is statuesque, if we say so, at least 6″ taller than Tanya. Tanya has pageboy dark hair here–if it is real. She had a series of hairstyles during her varied porno career. She is wearing a two-piece latex outfit. What kind of date was this to be?

She begins spanking the blonde OTK. A lot of girl and a lot of bottom. Typical silly dialogue. Tanya takes her top off–she has always liked to undress while she is spanking someone. She is proud of her natural, normal boobs. Spanking, caressing, various postures, playful lesbian stuff.

Tanya takes off her latex skirt and now to down to a latex garter belt, stockings, and black panties. Paddle next, Tanya always likes to caress, rake with her fingernails, and pry cheeks apart. Good camera shots from low angles. Both girls seem to be having fun.

It is a long scene in the bathroom, 26 minutes. Spanking, hugging, French kissing.

The second scenario, also in a domestic setting, this time a kitchen. A blonde in pink enters and greets Tanya, who is wearing one of her breezy dresses, common in her CP career, at NUWEST, CALSTAR, and SHADOWLANE, among others. The camera pans both glorious girls.

The blonde will be spanked, first standing, dress up, red thong. The girls are having a good time. Tanya takes a seat to spank her friend OTK. Massaging, fingernails, prying. The blonde takes off her tight knit dress, thong at her thighs, pubic fuzz.

Tanya unbuttons her own dress down the front. Glamorous coordinated white undies for this slightly retro actress, who knows the cues. Bra off, sweet little boobs, down to white panties and garter belt.

Tanya, getting naked herself, continues to spank her friend, with a small paddle and wetting her bottom with a kitchen sponge.

Now the blonde stands and starts to tease at Tanya’s satin panties, the first of that bottom we have seen in this film. The panties are worked down with theatrical charm. We have described this bottom a few times–it’s launched a thousand ships, should be on Mt. Rushmore, etc. The full screen well-lit shots might be the best we have seen of her. There is a lot to choose from. Two mostly naked girls fill the screen.

French kissing, an intentional fuzz flash from naughty Tanya. Wonderful film.