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Stanford Prison Experiment – MOOD

26 Jul

3F/5f; time: 56 minutes
A psychological experiment, the CP female extension of the original experiment–the behavior of girls will be studied as they are arbitrarily assigned roles as guards or inmates.

10 girls will be paid 5000 Euros each. They draw straws–6 become inmates and 4 are guards.

The ‘inmates’ strip naked and put on sack-like prison smocks, in the nude scene MOOD does so well. The nude girls are first sprayed with a disinfectant, not quite as roughly as LUPUS would have done it, but effective.

The ‘guards’ discuss how stern they should be, how they will control the ‘inmates.’ One girl is a Lesbian, and her partner was selected as an inmate. She wants the guards to go easy on her.

In the first cell, the first girl to be disciplined is made to strip and is manacled standing to a bunk bed. She gets 25 with the belt, and we see for the first time the wicked lust which develops in the guards.

In the second cell containing three other inmates, a blonde gets the same belt whipping. When one of the other girls objects that this experiment is getting out of hand, she earns a nasty 50 cane strokes, bend-over.

Another prisoner, the Lesbian partner, is spread on a desk on her back and electrodes attached to her labia. She screams through this torture.

The group assembles again–the inmates want the experiment to terminate, the guards are enjoying it.

In a final section entitled “Utter Brutality,” another naked girl is attached to a bed frame and caned by two guards. The count is up to 103 when the male administrator stops the “insanity.” Quivering and huge marks.

100 Stroke Challenge – MOOD

26 Jul

F/f; time: 30 minutes
MOOD’s ‘Kyra’ will give a poor girl the 100-stroke challenge. A graphic explains the rules–10 strokes of any implement, the strokes must be counted, loss of position or miscounting costs penalty strokes on the pussy.

A brunette wears only bra and panties. First 10, a doubled belt on the calves, something rarely seen in CP films.

Second 10, the cane on the front of the thighs. This causes the first nasty MOOD marks and the first tears.

“Drop your bra.” The girl has to cup her boobs for 10 from the crop.

Panties down, kneel on the couch, knees wide for the strap; the bottom-spanking continues–grab ankles for the Spencer paddle. The little white circles appear and the first skin pops. Krya backs off the 10-count and switches to a strap,

“Arch your back” for the strap on the bottom; nasty cane on the back of the thighs while standing on the couch; bend-over for the cane; stand on the couch, grab the wall, for the lash, back AND bottom.

After viewing this lengthy session, it is now clear why Krya started at the calves.


25 Jul

The Audition’ (M/2f; time: 28 minutes; year: 2010) Dallas brings ‘Scarlett’ in by the ear and puts her in the corner. “When I get back I’m going to smoke your buns with this paddle.” ‘Crystal’ enters the studio and sees Scarlett in the telltale pre-spanking corner configuration.

She’ll take a few whacks at Scarlett with Dallas’ paddle. The competing  CP girls squabble. As far as Scarlett is concerned, only Dallas may spank her. But Crystal wants Scarlett’s pants down; OTK.

Scarlett bends over a chair for the Spencer paddle. Crystal admire her tan and white bottom.

allas returns; he wants Crystal to change into more spankable garb, not the BDSM outfit she is wearing. Dallas paddles Scarlett, hard, producing the circular bruises.

Crystal is spanked next, the Spencer paddle. Her face is never shown in the film.

‘Scarlett spanked for tickets’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes; year: 2012) In praise of postgraduates. Dallas doesn’t do much on the schoolgirl theme. She is first paddled on her skirt and then on the bare. Spencer paddle and a kitchen spoon. An old fashioned bikini tan. On this episode, some of the female crew can be seen watching. The set looks like a hotel room.

Onto the bed, over a pillow, for a strap. And last, lying over the end of the bed. Her thong survives.

Katie-Sore Bottom Busy Mouth – NU-WEST NWV-283

22 Jul

M/f; time:28 minutes
We first reviewed this film for another site about 10 years ago, when we knew a lot less about NU-WEST. Here, the delicious little ‘Katie’ will earn the full bonus in pay and Mr. Ed Lee surely got his own rewards.

On the barren stage, Lee wears his terrycloth robe and Katie wears only a white bustier, no panties. With little dialogue, he starts her bending over through one of those copulation leather  swings available commercially. He whips her with a martinet, not too hard yet.

He helps her out of the swing, she falls on her knees, he opens his robe, and she begins an enthusiastic blowjob. Decent closeup, a surprise for NU-WEST. Gotta service the boss. Back into the swing, more whipping, then onto her knees. Back and forth.

FADE: Katie lies flat on her stomach on the NU-WEST studio bed, in white bra and panties. Lee flogs her. There are cut-in scenes here -very brief blowjob shots.

FADE. Lee wears another robe. Katie stands in front of him, drops her slacks and panties, and bends over a padded spanking bench. Lee flogs.

FADE. Back in the barren studio, Katie is taken OTK, moving about in her signature perky way. The spanking is on her well-fit jeans; Lee gets in a few probing frigs. Katie kneels and opens his pants. He holds her head while she sucks.

Lee takes the stylish jeans down, white satin panties. OTK again. More BJ’s and switching. Frigging.

Julia Horsewhipped – NUWEST

22 Jul

M/f; time: 21 minutes
‘Julia Jameson’ made several very entertaining whipping videos. This is certainly one of them. Here, she is stark naked, strung up in the cleared-out garage/workshop at the NU-WEST California operation. Her wrists are spread high overhead by a bar, and her ankles are secured to rings on a board on the concrete floor. She is a powerful and buxom lady at this point in her career. For some reason, she has a huge thatch of pubic hair.

Ed Lee circles with his horsewhip, not his dogwhip. He snaps and whips her for the entire film, leaving marks on her back, bottom, and thighs. We’ve been advised by people who would know that this whip was softened, but we loved the theater, and the film achieves its effect for us.

Retro Spanking – NUWEST

22 Jul

F/f; time: 27 minutes
Very old NU-WEST, this is not the title. We will correct it. The film opens with flip-chart stills of scenes which will follow. ‘Karen’ and ‘Debra’ will show us the full range of NW action. Surprising early spanking and sex.

Statuesque Karen, surely off a flight from Vegas, wearing no panties here, marches blond ‘Debra,’ who is wearing just a white slip, through the dressing rooms into the barren studio. Early-on, both are young and svelte.

Debra is taken OTK for a brief spanking, then sent to get the hairbrush, a little touch of humiliation Ed Lee always liked. This spanking is much harder. We’re on our way.

FADE. Debra is naked, strapped down to NU-WEST’s  inverted-‘V’ padded bench, her bottom at its apex. Karen, still with no pants, whips her.
Zoom in on Karen’s goodies.

FADE. Debra is tied down on a low table on her back. Karen sits on her face and Debra does the oral work. Not well filmed–NU-WEST was never too good at detail here.

DISSOLVE. More hot action. Debra is strung up naked, her athletic body and thunder thighs rippling on full display. Karen wears one of those criss-cross BDSM harnesses and nothing else, an outfit which surely takes help to put on. Karen whips Debra.

DISSOLVE. Debra is tied over another bench, a sort of padded T-bar, her hips at waist-height, her head pulled down and her wrists tied at the floor. She is, to put it succinctly, fully available. Karen fucks her with a condom-covered strap-on dildo. Closeups confirm this is no drill. This  contraption of a trestle squeaks as Karen rams. The girls hug and the session ends.

Old Spanking Clips – NUWEST

21 Jul

MF/2f; time: 20 minutes
Some informal filming at the NUWEST  office and studios, the pretext being the discipline of NUWEST girls for some infraction. Ed Lee will tell both ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Vanna’ that their sessions will be filmed, and if the sessions are commercially viable, they will be paid.

Blond Joanne waits for Lee in the front office. Lee sips his cocktail as always, then walks Joanne through the dressing rooms to a set. ‘Denise’ is on the video camera. Chair positioned–Lee begins an OTK handspanking. Joanne is demurely dressed in white skirt and blue sweater, very cute. We have said many times, we always admired the normal street-clothes costuming, rather than tawdry porn-film stuff. She is going to be spanked for being out in the “park” late at night, jeopardizing herself and Lee’s investment in her.

Lee seems amused by his own dialogue inventions, and Joanne herself chuckles. Skirt up, white semi-transparent panties. “The ultimate…we take your pants down.”

After this introductory spanking, Joanne walks to an adjacent set and lies flat on a bed on her stomach, pants stayed down. She will get 50 with the strap for borrowing his car. Part-way though, Joanne wiggles to the end of the bed so that Lee can elevate her hips with two folded pillows.

FADE. Back to the office, we see ‘Vanna’ approaching the door across the parking lot. She has been summoned by full-time staffer ‘Julia Jameson.’ Vanna and her friends wrecked Julia’s apartment. “Hi, Dave,”she says to Lee, using his real name. Julia arrives. The girls laugh. Julia notes Vanna’s “nervous giggle”–she told Ed that Julia spanks hard. Julia will accept some restitution for the damage, but rather, “Not money, I want your butt.”

Back into the studio, Lee on the walking camera this time. Vanna goes OTK, skirt and top, panties down immediately. This film is early for NUWEST–the three girls are thin and lithe. Vanna looks very small. The girls protect their modesty here.

Hard OTK handspanking, Vanna does her entertaining squawking and kicking. She falls onto the floor, trying to recover. Lee spots tears. Julia shows us her red palms.

Jaque – NUWEST NWV-237

21 Jul

M/f; time:29 Minutes
From Ed Lee’s introductory narrative, this is an early film for ‘Jacque.’ We’ll assume the graphics department on the 14th floor of the NU-WEST corporate offices misspelled her name in the title.

Lee tells us that Jacque (“Jackie”) is “into having her beautiful bottom whipped.” He will whip her “all the way to a climax.” To that end, he takes a battery-operated dildo out of a plastic refrigerator bag.

Jacque moves to the wall of the barren studio and strips naked, hanging her clothes on a clothes tree. When her jeans and panties come down, she does it NU-WEST-style, back to us. She is the ‘Barbie’ of the NU-WEST staff.

Lee takes her OTK on a camp stool. Full frontals show a little mustache-shaped pubic patch. Jacque is amused by the spanking–she plays a volunteer here.

FADE. Totally naked, Jacque is strung up, spreader bars at her wrists and ankles. Lee will use his Australian dog whip, which he has told us Jacque likes. For the rest of the film, he will whip and her, then stop to tease her with the dildo. He neither penetrates her or seems to whip very hard. But Jacque, writhing in just black heels, is quite the show.

You Should Be Expelled

21 Jul

F/f; time: 43 minutes
British schoolgirl production, to be identified. ‘Sarah Jane,’ a wealthy student, in full kit, has been augmenting her allowance by filching coins from the student dressing room. Senior teacher ‘Miss Taylor’ confronts her and gives her the CP-film choice, take a spanking or be expelled.

We hope we don’t offend the actress playing Sarah–she looks about 35 years old, but she will certainly pass both the bottom-test and courage-test. Taylor gets quite a collection of spanking implements. This simple storyline will turn into quite a spanking.

OTK first, semi-transparent white panties down, a little ‘bee’ tattoo, both non-regulation. Taylor spanks hard, and she is wearing rings on every finger, usually a no-no for disciplinarians. To the corner, pants down. Next, she kneels on a chair for a black leather paddle. “I’ll give you 50 of these.” Surprisingly hard for the amount. Sarah’s bottom is fully red.

More corner time; Sarah then bends over a small table, for 50 with a doubled belt. When she is slow to count, she gets two sets of 24 each, about 100 in total, all counted aloud, discouraging repeats.

Sarah steps out of her panties and assumes the diaper position on the little table. She bends over the table for the first of several canes Taylor has brought. “We’ll start with 24 strokes…you will count, nice and clear.” Very hard, various angles shown, stripes, welts, bruises.

Another cane, 12 more strokes. “What a nice stripy bottom.” Yet another cane, another 24 counted strokes. Massive marks. We thought Sarah was done, but no, bend-over, hands on floor, for six more counted aloud.


20 Jul

‘Brando’s Dungeon Punishment’ (F/f; 10 minutes) Miss Burns does the hard work here, wearing a long, slinky, black latex BDSM outfit; she straps ‘Brandi’ to the trestle. Brandi wears a thong, but from our seat she is all bottom. First, Miss Burns spanks her, not hard, but sobbing begins. Brandi kneels erect and Burns flogs her back, rapidly and mildly, almost an irritant.

The second five minutes repeats the sequence from a face-CAM. We see Brandi is blindfolded for the bend-over segment, an enhancement to this cellar BDSM.

Jasmine’s Dungeon” (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Two RSN actresses; ‘Jasmine’ will spank ‘Kailee’ (the good sport in so many RSN films and a full adult star in other places) on the padded trestle in the cellar-like ‘dungeon.’ We have commented, we enjoy spankings in these faux-harsh surroundings, our favorite being GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, where you can almost smell the mold in the unfinished space and feel the rubble on bare feet.

There is no dialogue; Kailee is naked, kneeling on the padded trestle. Jasmine wears just panties and bra. Kailee is spanked and whipped in this posture.

Three Girls‘ (M/3f; time: 41 minutes) Zoe, Jasmine, and a third girl in the RSN ‘dungeon.’ They are bare-naked, splayed over a bondage table. Coach Daniels will have some fun with them and probably risk a spanking from Elizabeth Burns when the shoot concludes. Everybody wins.

Daniels is going to play a game with the girls, who are bent over and secured to the table, side by side. Three bottoms fill the screen. They are to masturbate while he spanks them, and they will be released when they cum. He works the beautiful bottoms with his hand and paddles. Jasmine seems to be frigging herself the hardest. Bottoms undulate and fingers work. The 7-minute scene is repeated from the side/facial angle.

After a theatrical fade, we see the three naked girls in the diaper position, their cuffed ankles strung to the ceiling. Daniels walks the line, spanking and frigging, openly sexual. This scene is repeated twice more, facial, and more closeup facial. Three lovely girls, getting quite a charge out of this film.

Jasmine and Claire with Betty and Masterson’’ MF/2f; time: 40 minutes) The film opens in the dungeon. Jasmine and Claire are naked, strung up, and tied together boob to boob. The girls are kissing each other as Betty circles them, flogging mildly. No dialogue. Betty wears a black latex dominatrix dress. Some gasping, but after over 20 minutes, little color on the girls’ bottoms.

In the second part of the film, Masterson steps in, “because you girls seem to be enjoying yourself too much. Masterson is in his ponytail stage. He flogs much harder and then seems to lighten up.