1 Jul

F/f; time: 28 minutes
We’re not sure of this producer. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ plays an au pair; she has been caught by her mistress using the household credit card. The blond madam, old enough to pull off the part, threatens Amelia–she will report the credit card fraud to the police and call Amelia’s aupair agency.

Long scolding and begging apologies. “It’s time to show how sorry you are.” Amelia goes OTK, her red miniskirt rides up to the point it hardly has to be raised. Amelia protests just minimally and comments that she has noticed her mistress has an eye for her–she can tell about those things.

Skirt up, minimal black lace panties soon down, Amelia’s bottom is the usual extraordinary lapful, and because she is so tall, the OTK posture always just accentuates the arc. “You’re going to be amazed at how sorry you are when I am finished with you.” Excellent facials, and the frontal shot catches her full bottom.

Mistress wants her to bend over a table, Amelia flashes her nifty beaver pubic trim. The mistress fetches a paddle and a strap. The spankings are conventional–Amelia arches her bottom, knowing full well the photogenic potential.

At the conclusion, when Amelia sits to pull on her panties, all Hollywood leg, the mistress is angry that her bottom is not sore enough and recommences some OTK handspanking.

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