Joanne Canes Ed Lee – NUWEST

1 Jul

F/m; time: 24 minutes
A classic, if you enjoy Joanne Jameson without pants as much as we do. Ed Lee is bent over a chair, bare-ass. Joanne is naked from the waist down; she will cane him for the full 24 minutes, with some scene changes to reduce the extent of what will be a severe caning.

Joanne circles and scold Lee as she canes, providing many frontal and rear shots of her, an aspect NUWEST often provided in F/m films. The scene is the faux punishment room set.

To save Lee’s ass, there will be fades to respites in a dressing room, where Lee kneels in front of Joanne, licking her feet. We were hoping he would do something else for her.

Back in the punishment room, Lee back over the chair, Joanne tries to position a mirror on the floor to catch his face, but they can’t get the camera angles to work. Joanne canes in short rapid sets, and Lee begins gasping. The strokes seem very hard–no faking that, although repeats could have been mixed in.

Caning, fades to the dressing room, scenes switch. Joanne’s fuzz was the highlight for us.

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