1 Jul

F/F; time: 47 minutes
Three episodes, each gets a bit more aggressive. ‘Lana’ misses a curfew and is also late on her rent. “You’re going to make it up to me in trade.” “You can start by pulling your pants down.” Lana, a chunky brunette, goes through the ‘I’m sorry’ routines. Actually, the landlady is sexier than she is.

“Lie over this bench,” a long padded hassock. They adjust the position so that Lana rides the bench cowgirl-style, without her pants. The lady paddles Lana, straddling her back. After this spanking, she wipes Lana down with a wet cloth. She is sent to the Landlady’s bedroom, her own room having been forfeited. We can imagine the rest.

‘Lana’s Stockroom Spanking’ Lana is taken into the stockroom of a department store by ‘Miss Donna Cropp’ (the ‘landlady’ actress). She has an arrangement with the store manager ‘Mr. Hunter,’ who probably gets something out of this. Cropp spanks Lana for her store tantrum and enjoys the interruptions by people popping in, where Lana’s bare bottom spanking can be seen and the commotion heard in the store.

‘Lana’s Lesson’ Same actors; Lana will be spanked on a bed in her pj’s. She complains that she doesn’t feel well. “I’m going to take your temperature, right in your bunny hole.” Decent closeups.

After more spanking over an ottoman, “Now, young lady, you are about to get an enema.” Red enema bag on a trolley, another acceptable presentation. Lana is lucky she is getting a junior nozzle. “Hold it in, don’t spill a drop, I want you to take all the water that’s in the bottle.” She has Lana hold the nozzle while the strapping continues, an unusual moment in enema CP.

Lana is allowed to run to the bathroom, then she returns for a cleanup with a wet cloth, then baby powder, and a diaper.

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