Stephanie and Melanie – WIZARDOFASS

1 Jul

M/2f; time: 54 minutes
Brunette ‘Stephanie’ explores Wizard Andre’s studio, looking at the equipment. Andre greets her. She wears the school uniform of a very short kilt and white blouse. She tells Andre she would like to “try a few things.” He shows her some of the implements and devices.

‘Melanie’ joins, also in uniform, she is close to graduating from this demonic place, and she is contemptuous of Stephanie’s presence. Andre now has two lovelies at his command. He announces that Melanie is going to “finish school with a bang.” First, he show Stephanie how he spanks Melanie. little kilt up, bare bottom, white thong. He lets Stephanie use one of his paddles and a hairbrush.

Melanie is naked, getting smacked by Andre front and back, as she rolls around. He will show Stephanie how he uses the cane. Moderate stuff, with a lot of pink flesh on the screen.

Cut. Both girls are naked now, two delightful young adolescent bodies. Stephanie wants out. Andre rolls over an enema trolley, with two bags waiting. Andre piles both girls bottoms-up on his lap, their legs spread. First he inserts suppositories, slowly–WizardOfAss does this as well as anyone–they should, it is their feature. He slowly inserts nozzles in both girls and begins the flow. Squirming and gasping.

The girls will have to hold their enemas. Melanie steps aside; naked Stephanie climbs onto a padded table and kneels on all-fours. Her neck is locked into a ring and her wrists and ankles are secured. Andre starts with the body oil, then shows Stephanie one of his creations, a condom-covered dildo on an electric drill. He teases with it and for good measure puts a finger in her anus.

Cut; Stephanie is now fastened flat on her back–Andre does some tickling and probing with a hand massager. He blindfolds her. Andre then inserts a nasty Jennings mouth gag/opener, but he is kind enough not to click it to its widest setting. Stephanie does some erotic gagging noises.

He rolls her onto her stomach and lets her drool onto the floor out of her wide-open mouth while he tickles her more and uses the massager.

Both girls are allowed to run to the bathroom and take turns on the toilet. Do all girls “finish with a bang”? Is there a schedule?

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