Flight Officer Spanked Hard

5 Jul

F/f; time: 34 minutes
We think only the British made CP films about girls getting whacked in their uniforms–RAF girls, WRENS, and of course lots of errant police officers.

Here, an RAF girl has struck a senior officer, and instead of being disciplined and discharged, she is going to get a spanking. “CP is not allowed, but it is very much a part of this office.” The girl is in full uniform, including cap. Only her long brunette hair is out of sinc.

She is ordered to drop her skirt, displays black panties, and goes OTK. Panties down, red bottom, conventional stuff so far. The girl steps out of her panties, removes her uniform belt, and displays a mostly undisturbed pubic bush. Blouse unbuttoned and off, hat off, down to bra only.

A big tawse will be used this time, OTK and over the desk; then a floppy strap and a paddle. The senior officer switches to the cane. The girl will count out 24, and “any attitude out of your mouth and we start over.” The caning gets harder, the girl must start over a 3 for jumping up.

At about 18, the girl complains that the strokes are too hard, which earns a start-over, 24 more counted, mild stuff with punches pulled.

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