Your Pain is the Mistress’ Pleasure NUWEST

5 Jul

time: 44 minutes
Four episodes featuring NUWEST women spanking or whipping NUWEST staffers in various compromising positions. All filmed in sepia tone.

A thin and svelte ‘Debra,’ in bustier, garters, stockings, and knee boots. Her breasts exposed, she whips a naked Ed Lee bent over a tall bar chair. Italian music on the soundtrack cuts the studio hum. Debra whips in long groups, Lee gasps, but we see no marks.

The second segment is a feature-length 27 minutes. ‘David’ is strung up naked, and he has started an erection even before the first stroke.
‘Bridget,’ a tall Las Vegas-style Nordic blonde, uses a dog whip on David, and when his cock springs to 90 degrees and more, she takes a few swipes at it also.

Bridget begins to undress between whipping sets-first her wrap (which becomes tangled), then her skirt, and eventually her top and panties. Just a wisp of blondish fuzz. David doesn’t need much encouragement. He displays a boner the rival of any porn actor. Bridget sips a drink, blow cigarette smoke in David’s face, and renews his erection with the whip.

Long strokes at his penis with the whip elicit the loudest cries. They nuzzle and kiss at the end.

A 10-minute segment possibly contributed by someone to NUWEST. An Asian girl in leather leads a man crawling naked to a set of stocks. He stands and is fastened, head and wrists. She whips him in the stocks, laughing at his misery. “Your pain is my pain.” Not quite.
She laughs at his screams when one of her strokes catches his balls.

The fourth session is just two minutes with a fully dressed ‘Katie’ whipping a naked Ed Lee. It looks very much like her broke and ran to end this segment.

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