Housemother’s Discipline

6 Jul

F/4f; time: 71 minutes
‘Miss Eleanor’ is a housemother, and she uses her authority to access the girls who live with her. It might be the actress ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer.’ She will have some fun with four of her girls here.

The first girl reports–Eleanor is displeased with her appearance and behavior. A spanking is warranted. OTK, Eleanor begins. “Hmm…you’ve got a tough little ass.” Skirt up, just a thong. The girl knows Miss Eleanor likes her girls and can be distracted. She offers a “floor show.” Top off, skirt off, Eleanor spots a little tattoo. Down to bra and panties. Soft talk and spanking. Eleanor is loving it.

A blonde is next–she is dressed like a tramp, falling out of her blouse. Rather than argue any further, “Take your clothes off.” “Here? Right now?” The blonde strips quickly. Eleanor can’t keep her hands off the girl’s startling high hard headlight boobs. One of the most dramatic CP actresses you will see.

Eleanor is on duty, waiting for her next catch. Another blond student runs in in a panic, late. “You come dressed like that?” “I was at the beach.” She drops a wrap to display a blue bikini. “Nice tan. Let me see your butt.” Eleanor examines her and finds all this behavior “shocking for a girls’ school.” OTK, bikini comes off, another sensational body for Eleanor to paw. Her hair comes down.

Eleanor’s fourth visitor is “Tasha,” a long-haired curly brunette. She is wearing “1920’s bloomers.” Eleanor first opens the bloomers to expose her bottom then gets them down. Naked OTK, filmed from a camera almost overhead. A thick pubic patch.

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