Two Sisters

6 Jul

2F/2f; time: 45 minutes
Two sisters are arguing on a couch. One girl is trying to do her homework while her sister Emma lolls in front of the TV. The doorbell rings, it is “Miss Wells” (actress Amber Pixie Wells). She is an inspector from the school system, come to evaluate the progress of the girls’ home-schooling.

Miss Wells is angry–no school work is getting done. And in this particular school district, she has the power to administer corporal punishment. “Jeans down, NOW. I have the authority.” OTK, panties down. Pixie has had enough film experience to get right to it.

FADE. The two sisters are with Wells in front of a blackboard. Wells catches Emma checking her Facebook, so the spanking will begin again. Bend over the desk, skirt up, blue panties. “I want you to pull your panties down….I want you to count. You’re going to get 20.” Emma is gasping. Pixie knows how to make it sting.

FADE. More supervision from Wells. We note the producer had the girls change wardrobes to reflect time, not always the case in CP films. Wells leaves the girls to argue, the sister paddles Emma.

Wells returns and the sister explains she took it upon herself to spank Emma. She didn’t have such authority, it seems, so she herself is taken OTK, skirt up, blue panties down, for a paddle. Wells lets Emma add a few swats herself. Not much happening in this film except for the presence of Pixie.

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