Nurses vs. Wanker – NUWEST

7 Jul

3F/m; time: 29 minutes
Early fun from NU-WEST; we’re not particularly fans of the male-submissive theme, but here, producer/impresario Ed Lee manages to have it all.

Nurse ‘Joanne’ (Jameson) makes her rounds at the institute and catches ‘Mr. Delman’ masturbating in bed. He has been incarcerated here for sexual perversions, and this is not allowed. Nurse makes him kneel at the wall. She returns to her offiice and calls the institute director at home. They will deal with him tomorrow, but tonight, Nurse is authorized to give him a strapping.

Joanne takes the strap off the wall, returns to Delman’s bedroom, fastens him face down to the bed, pulls down his pajama bottoms, and gives him an impressive strapping. Ed Lee can take a whipping–there are few examples of him copping out on film.

FADE: the Director confers with another nurse, the actress ‘Allison.’ The girls wear authentic nurses’ uniforms. This is an institute for the correction of sexual perversions. Delman has been sent here in lieu of prison for picking up high school girls and masturbating in front of them. The treatment here is an excess of the perversion itself. Leave it to Lee to elect a plot line not far from his demonic imagination.

What to do with him? “We’ll have him milked three times a day for a week…we’ll give him a spanking, then I’ll give him his first milking.” 7 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM. That should do it. And since it will become progressively more difficult, he will get very sore. Allison struggles to hide her amusement.

Delman shuffles in, wearing leg restraints and pajamas. OTK. Pajamas down, the Director begins a surprisingly hard spanking with a Spencer paddle, all the while playing with his balls and cock between his legs. “You like having your balls played with and your cock being held?” Sounds like that would be a ‘yes.’

The scolding continues–for some reason the dialogue and acting are much better than many of  NU-WEST’s films of this vintage. Plenty of salacious and humorous dialogue. “You love to feel my hand on your prick?” Gasps.

The Director asks Allison, “Would you like to have a go at him?” “Yes, I would.” With undisguised enthusiasm, Allison continues with the paddle and the groping. The Director comes around to help with the “hard fingering.”

FADE. The milking sessions have begun. Delman is strung up, his pajamas at his knees. The Director sits on a bench in front of him, knees spread, working his cock, in the configuration of barn cow milking. Allison observes, stripped down to bra and panties. Both girls quite amused.

Allison paddles while the Director milks. And as usual, the camera pays as much attention to her body as to Lee. Very hard spanking. We will switch back and forth, the girls sharing the paddling and milking. Near the end, we have the first frontal scene of an erect Lee, slippery hard-working wank.

There appears to be an orgasm at the conclusion, which might have been faked, except that Allison, whose wanking turn it is, seems a bit surprised and amused.

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