Discipline in Russia #16 – NETTLES

11 Jul

F/5f; time: 56 minutes
Formulaic schoolgirl stuff from the Russians. We enjoy it more when there are Russian cultural wrinkles, not so much attempts to copy British fetish.

Teacher ‘Nadezda Ivanovna’ (we have to rely on subtitles for spelling) reports that three girls were out all nigh dancing. The headmistress is ‘Nadezda Dozorova’; she will be delegating to others in this film.

The Head wants first to talk to the two senior girls who were “on duty” last night–a redhead ‘Natasha’ and blond ‘Tanya.’ Neither girl can evade responsibility. The Head appoints Nadeszda I. to spank them both.

Tanya will be spanked first. The other girls are summoned, prefect Natasha and the three girls who went dancing. Tanya takes off her white panties and goes OTK. She has a fascinating tan on her bottom, with a thong line. We’d like to see that beach. She counts out 30 smacks. We asll know all these bottoms are going to be tended to.

Natasha gets the same OTK treatment. The headmistress is called back to admire the two spanked bottoms. She gets her cane, for now it is time for the three girls.

They will each get 30 strokes. They lie side by side over and desk and the teacher pulls down each pair of white panties. The teacher canes each girl one stroke at a time, until all 30 are laid on. The side-by-side bottoms prevent the traditional full swing and inhibit the experience, but the scenery is nice. The girls’ stripes vary as their bottoms were reachable by the cane. The director must have realized that the tall brunette’s hair would interfere with the facial shots, because it is suddenly pulled back.

The canings are moderate and long. The Head is invited back to see the handiwork, and the girls kneel up on chairs for one final display.

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