Hairbrush Spankings 2003 – NU-WEST

11 Jul

time:44 minutes
More formulaic M/f performances from NU-WEST, 7 episodes here. We never tire of them. No trumped-up acting, simplistic almost amateur staging, just old fashioned spanking. Ed Lee has held up his hairbrush for the camera and discussed its efficiency in other films.

Three girls, Karen, Vanna, and a third, rotate spanking Jodie Cline bare bottom OTK;

In a 10-minute segment. Lee and ‘Claudia’ spank Katie and sip cocktails. Claudia is amused by Katie’s squeals and enjoys the sequence–hairbrush successively on tan slacks, panties, and on the bare;

Vanna spanks a blonde in the townhouse bedroom;

Jodie Cline and Katie are sent to a bedroom, where Ed Lee follows them and gives them both the hairbrush;

Lee spanks a blonde, who, when it is time, reaches under to unfasten her jeans so Lee can work them down;

Naked Katie comes out of the shower and dresses in the longest segment. Leisurely nude shots. She receives a cell call and it sounds as if she is distressed to hear Lee is summoning her for a spanking. She puts on the typical NUWEST foundation garments, and a FADE, is being spanked by Lee, who quickly gets her pants down.

Big Karen spanks a girl in the townhouse.

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