Sierra Salem- The Prank – DALLASSPANKSHARD

18 Jul

M/f; time: 42 minutes
A long film with one of Dallas’ most playful actresses, a favorite of his and maybe more. Brunette Sierra plays a student here, in sweater and skirt. She has borrowed and wrecked the school principal’s car. She thinks it’s an acceptable prank.

Dallas starts her off with prototype corner time. Kilt off, black panties, frisk position at the door. Dallas starts with a strap in this standing position, panties come down to her thighs. The film has periodic graphic messages, one of which says she is “19 years old.”

The pace of the film is slow–there are inserted graphics, choppy editing breaks, and conversation. FADE to an OTK scene, then back to the corner.

“Now the hard spanking comes.” All-fours on a bench, lots of facials. Dallas likes to keep her panties at mid-thigh. Next comes a heavy strap. At the 27-minute mark her bottom is getting well bruised–especially that far buttock.

Sierra bends over a padded waist-high cross-bar for several paddles, including the ‘Spencer.’ Sierra is very good with the face and the camera. This paddle is the worst. In the long film, Sierra mostly protected her modesty and lost only her pants.

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