Naughty Employee – CALSTAR

19 Jul

F/f; time: 56 minutes
We are not sure of either the title or the producer here. An American producer. After an exterior shot of high-rise city buildings, we find ourselves in an upper floor office or lounge.

A dyed-redhead sits on a couch, on the phone. “Send Sandy up, I am ready for her.” A small brunette is seen approaching on a long narrow corridor, a complicated interior shot we don’t see in many CP films.
Sandy knocks tentatively and enters.

Sandy is in trouble; we can surmise that this is an upscale escort service, and Sandy has been reported by a client for refusing to do something. “You are a disappointment to the company…you are not to say ‘no.'”

Sandy is ordered to take of her clothes. The little brunette has tattoos. OTK naked, then standing for more spanking. Lots of fondling. The strap. Then the diaper position on the couch. Next, the wheelbarrow position. Sandy sits on the madam’s knees, spreads her legs, while her inner thighs are slapped. Typical bizarre American stuff.

The madam is going to give Sandy an enema and sends her for the bag. While she waits she calls the client. “I think she is going to be very placid.”

In a bathroom, rubber gloves, Sandy’s anus is lubricated as is s medium-sized nozzle attached to the hose. “Relax and breathe…this will slide in as smooth as butter.” And it does, with just the slightest whimper. Decent closeups. The madam releases the clamp–the moans are better.

After the bag has emptied, the madam is quite pleased. She detached the hose from the nozzle, attaches a little tail, and takes Sandy back into the sitting room for more spanking.

Sandy is allowed to run to the toilet, a weak scene right here. On the phone again to the client. “Sandy will be over very shortly.” You can imagine a number of things Sandy wouldn’t do that she will accept now.

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