Kami Robertson at BARS AND STRIPES Assorted

20 Jul

’Inquisition-It Begins’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes)  Kami is seen passing something with another prisoner. Quickly, guard Stephen Lewis drags her in front of supervisor Paul Kennedy. She is still in her civilian clothes.

Lewis manhandles her in search of the note passed to her. We see just how diminutive this cute model is when compared to the guards. Lewis pins her over the desk and finds the note tucked in her panties. We are ready for some action.

Lewis gets her pants down while Kennedy pins her. A nice spanking proceeds, strap,crop, hand. She is tiny, and a nice struggler. She is given the orange/ red smock to put on, which she does in front of the men. Long frontals, she is shaved.  She changes into prison panties, covered by the smock. More spanking over the desk. Kennedy makes a call. The next event is ready for Kami.

’Inquisition-confession’ (2M/f: time: xx) The episode opens with a theatrically lit spanking trestle in the stone walled dungeon room. The device is another reinforced sawhorse, with a wide base and substantial carpentry. This one has a bit of a sag in the crossbar, suggesting a lot of use.

Kami, wearing her smock, is hustled in by Kennedy and Lewis, bent over the frame, and restrained, wrists and ankles. They yank down her prison panties and begin strapping. The idea here is that they will  continue until she confesses.

They berate her as they whip, using a strap, flogger, and Spencer paddles, one of them very thick. This one breaks Kami. They release an arm and she signs a confession.

Michael Stamp enters the shadows in the cell room and studies the confession, He is not satisfied and he will cane her. The men must love that. It is a hard csning, Kami rocks the trestle and confirms why these things must be built with a wide base. Her bottom is marked and welted, as are her thighs, evident even in the shadows.

Inquisition – the Humiliation’ Kami Robertson (MF/f; time:21 minutes) Matron ‘Lucy McLean’ is preparing medical stuff in a faux-stone dungeon cell, with a gurney at hand. Good start. Prisoner ‘Kami Robertson’ is dragged in by guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ and ordered to “strip!”

Kami takes off her orange prison smock and is down to black bra and panties. Off with the undies, up on the gurney, naked and squirming. “Ms. Robertson,” as they refer to her, looks diminutive on the platform, as matron torments her. She struggles to keep her legs together.

Matron probes with a stethoscope, Lewis holds her down, very erotic. They flip her over and McLean pries between her buttocks. Kami kneels up for the rubber glove search; a mild spanking then a bend-over at the gurney for a caning, which produces surprising wild marks. Ms. Robertson is definitely flashing her bottom for all to see. Lewis and McLean are amused by their accomplishments.

‘Inquisition-night nurse’ Kami Robertson (MF/f; BARSANDSTRIPES has been improving its graphics and production qualities. Kami Robertson is sleeping in a dark dungeon cell. Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ and matron ‘Lucy McLean’ enter and rouse her. They put her against the stone wall–she appears small, pink, and helpless. They handle her roughly, squeezing boobs and prying between her legs. Mild spanking at the wall.

‘Inquisition- the warning’ (2M/f; time: 11 minutes) Two hooded men (Lewis and Kennedy) jump Kami  as she sits at a desk, they gag her with a piece of black tape, , bend her over, dress up, black panties  down for a spanking. Kami’s been observing and recording abuses of the female prisoners. She could have gotten worse.

’Silent Witness’ (F/f; time: 10+) A female guard brings a new cellmate into Kami’s cell, and just a minute Kami is making moves on her. There follows a long and rather tepid lesbian grope on the bottom bunk.

‘Crotched’ (2F/2f) Webmaster ‘Leia Ann Woods’ and ‘Saffy McKenna’ play prisoners under the control of matrons ‘Lucy McLean’ and ‘Madame Zoe.’ “Strip!

Prison smocks off, prison black undies; Saffy has a showgirl body and is quite amused by this whole spanking thing. She is forced over a bed for a rubber glove probe. Naked Leia gets the same. Both girls are then strapped.

‘Gregory’s Flogging’ (MF/f; year: 2011; time: 16 minutes) A very sexy performance from ‘Sarah Gregory,’ who is fastened to BARSANDSTRIPES’ padded trestle, totally naked. Her boobs are squashed but prominent, and the repeated camera angles up between her spread legs are perfect.

Two guards, ‘Paul Kennedy’  and ‘Zoe Page,’ will flog her. Zoe is very good at it, bundling the strands of the flogger between the strokes to concentrate the strike.  After Kennedy leaves, Sarah is released, and Zoe fondles her boobs in a full frontal view.

‘Rosie and the X-cross’ (M/f; year: 2016; time: 14 minutes) (2 parts) Naked brunette ‘Rosie’ is brought into the theatrically darkened room, where she strips and is fastened over the X-frame, her eyeglasses still in place. Some slight improvements have been made–there is more padding in the center, so that the pinioned girl’s bottom is higher and there is more visibility between her thighs.

No dialogue;  the male guard is flogging a paddle and then with an unusual implement–a leather teardrop-shaped pad attached to an 18” rod. Nice snapping results. Shots of fuzz between her legs, and is that vaginal jewelry? Gasps.

‘Rosie’s Excercises’ (F/f; year: 2015; time: 18 minutes) Spelling by BARSANDSTRIPES. Another more recent production. ‘Rosie Ann’  wears the prison smock and matron ‘Zoe Page’ will put her through some exercises. We spankos like nude PT and NETTLES seems to have been the best at it, unconcerned about the abject humiliation implied. This short film deserves honorable mention.

Rosie stands on gym mats. Zoe takes a seat, begins flipping through a magazine, and directs Rosie to begin exercising. Zoe rises and smacks her with a paddle.

It is time for Rosie to take all her clothes off–just smock, bra, and panties. For this era, she has retained a lot of pubic hair. Naked, she does star jumps, jogging, leg lifts, the crab position (the most revealing), handstands, mock jump rope, squat thrusts. All very revealing, nothing held back. Zoe fondles and paddles intermittently. For a brief moment, she takes up the sitting position at the wall without a chair. REALSPANKINGS likes this pose–it must be uncomfortable.

In a continuation, the naked exercises proceed as Zoe watches. Grab ankles for paddle; the exercises are very revealing–jogging in place, star jumps, the ‘crab’ posture, handstands. Zoe seems to need to glance at the director. We got to thinking that an enema would be a suitable conclusion to this session, but BARSANDSTRIPES does not do that.

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