Jaque – NUWEST NWV-237

21 Jul

M/f; time:29 Minutes
From Ed Lee’s introductory narrative, this is an early film for ‘Jacque.’ We’ll assume the graphics department on the 14th floor of the NU-WEST corporate offices misspelled her name in the title.

Lee tells us that Jacque (“Jackie”) is “into having her beautiful bottom whipped.” He will whip her “all the way to a climax.” To that end, he takes a battery-operated dildo out of a plastic refrigerator bag.

Jacque moves to the wall of the barren studio and strips naked, hanging her clothes on a clothes tree. When her jeans and panties come down, she does it NU-WEST-style, back to us. She is the ‘Barbie’ of the NU-WEST staff.

Lee takes her OTK on a camp stool. Full frontals show a little mustache-shaped pubic patch. Jacque is amused by the spanking–she plays a volunteer here.

FADE. Totally naked, Jacque is strung up, spreader bars at her wrists and ankles. Lee will use his Australian dog whip, which he has told us Jacque likes. For the rest of the film, he will whip and her, then stop to tease her with the dildo. He neither penetrates her or seems to whip very hard. But Jacque, writhing in just black heels, is quite the show.

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