Old Spanking Clips – NUWEST

21 Jul

MF/2f; time: 20 minutes
Some informal filming at the NUWEST  office and studios, the pretext being the discipline of NUWEST girls for some infraction. Ed Lee will tell both ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Vanna’ that their sessions will be filmed, and if the sessions are commercially viable, they will be paid.

Blond Joanne waits for Lee in the front office. Lee sips his cocktail as always, then walks Joanne through the dressing rooms to a set. ‘Denise’ is on the video camera. Chair positioned–Lee begins an OTK handspanking. Joanne is demurely dressed in white skirt and blue sweater, very cute. We have said many times, we always admired the normal street-clothes costuming, rather than tawdry porn-film stuff. She is going to be spanked for being out in the “park” late at night, jeopardizing herself and Lee’s investment in her.

Lee seems amused by his own dialogue inventions, and Joanne herself chuckles. Skirt up, white semi-transparent panties. “The ultimate…we take your pants down.”

After this introductory spanking, Joanne walks to an adjacent set and lies flat on a bed on her stomach, pants stayed down. She will get 50 with the strap for borrowing his car. Part-way though, Joanne wiggles to the end of the bed so that Lee can elevate her hips with two folded pillows.

FADE. Back to the office, we see ‘Vanna’ approaching the door across the parking lot. She has been summoned by full-time staffer ‘Julia Jameson.’ Vanna and her friends wrecked Julia’s apartment. “Hi, Dave,”she says to Lee, using his real name. Julia arrives. The girls laugh. Julia notes Vanna’s “nervous giggle”–she told Ed that Julia spanks hard. Julia will accept some restitution for the damage, but rather, “Not money, I want your butt.”

Back into the studio, Lee on the walking camera this time. Vanna goes OTK, skirt and top, panties down immediately. This film is early for NUWEST–the three girls are thin and lithe. Vanna looks very small. The girls protect their modesty here.

Hard OTK handspanking, Vanna does her entertaining squawking and kicking. She falls onto the floor, trying to recover. Lee spots tears. Julia shows us her red palms.

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