You Should Be Expelled

21 Jul

F/f; time: 43 minutes
British schoolgirl production, to be identified. ‘Sarah Jane,’ a wealthy student, in full kit, has been augmenting her allowance by filching coins from the student dressing room. Senior teacher ‘Miss Taylor’ confronts her and gives her the CP-film choice, take a spanking or be expelled.

We hope we don’t offend the actress playing Sarah–she looks about 35 years old, but she will certainly pass both the bottom-test and courage-test. Taylor gets quite a collection of spanking implements. This simple storyline will turn into quite a spanking.

OTK first, semi-transparent white panties down, a little ‘bee’ tattoo, both non-regulation. Taylor spanks hard, and she is wearing rings on every finger, usually a no-no for disciplinarians. To the corner, pants down. Next, she kneels on a chair for a black leather paddle. “I’ll give you 50 of these.” Surprisingly hard for the amount. Sarah’s bottom is fully red.

More corner time; Sarah then bends over a small table, for 50 with a doubled belt. When she is slow to count, she gets two sets of 24 each, about 100 in total, all counted aloud, discouraging repeats.

Sarah steps out of her panties and assumes the diaper position on the little table. She bends over the table for the first of several canes Taylor has brought. “We’ll start with 24 strokes…you will count, nice and clear.” Very hard, various angles shown, stripes, welts, bruises.

Another cane, 12 more strokes. “What a nice stripy bottom.” Yet another cane, another 24 counted strokes. Massive marks. We thought Sarah was done, but no, bend-over, hands on floor, for six more counted aloud.

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