22 Jul

M/f; time: 21 minutes
‘Paul Kennedy’ plays a man lying on his bed in his hotel room, not much a room, sort of an attic situation with only a bed. A fully uniformed maid, ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ bursts in to clean, surprising both of them.

After apologies and light banter, Kennedy gets Dublin to sit on the bed while he rubs her feet. He is encouraging her to go further. She admits she is willing to “try anything once.”

Gently, Kennedy encourages Dublin OTK. We hear the first “Oh, gosh” when he rolls up the hem of her uniform to expose loose white lace panties. He begins a mild spanking, and Dublin is immediately his partner. “I will need extra time tomorrow to clean your room.”

The next “Oh, gosh” comes when Kennedy hooks his fingers into her panties and brings them down. “I’m sure that you’ve got girls all over the world, waiting to be spanked.” Kennedy admits that he does and that he is somewhat of an ‘ass man.’

“I’ve got something I carry around with me.” Another ‘Oh, gosh’ when Dublin sees the cane. Panties at her knees, she bends over the foot of the bed and asks Kennedy if the position is satisfactory. And, “I’ve still got my panties down, is that OK?” Yes, Dublin, yes.

Dublin is concerned about privacy. Kennedy locks the door and begins a mild to moderate caning, more or less snaps. “Oh, that stings.” Lots of sexy talk during a long and gentle caning, except for the last 6 strokes, which Kennedy warns Dublin about.

“Ooh, I will remember you, sir.” He calls her ‘Dublin.’ She is eager to do his room tomorrow and to rearrange her schedule. He helps her up with her panties, from the front view. They kiss and she leaves.

He pulls out a notebook; he is a hotel reviewer and will increase his rating on this place despite the room they gave him. He probably does have a bottom in every port, provided by Managements.

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