Katie-Sore Bottom Busy Mouth – NU-WEST NWV-283

22 Jul

M/f; time:28 minutes
We first reviewed this film for another site about 10 years ago, when we knew a lot less about NU-WEST. Here, the delicious little ‘Katie’ will earn the full bonus in pay and Mr. Ed Lee surely got his own rewards.

On the barren stage, Lee wears his terrycloth robe and Katie wears only a white bustier, no panties. With little dialogue, he starts her bending over through one of those copulation leather  swings available commercially. He whips her with a martinet, not too hard yet.

He helps her out of the swing, she falls on her knees, he opens his robe, and she begins an enthusiastic blowjob. Decent closeup, a surprise for NU-WEST. Gotta service the boss. Back into the swing, more whipping, then onto her knees. Back and forth.

FADE: Katie lies flat on her stomach on the NU-WEST studio bed, in white bra and panties. Lee flogs her. There are cut-in scenes here -very brief blowjob shots.

FADE. Lee wears another robe. Katie stands in front of him, drops her slacks and panties, and bends over a padded spanking bench. Lee flogs.

FADE. Back in the barren studio, Katie is taken OTK, moving about in her signature perky way. The spanking is on her well-fit jeans; Lee gets in a few probing frigs. Katie kneels and opens his pants. He holds her head while she sucks.

Lee takes the stylish jeans down, white satin panties. OTK again. More BJ’s and switching. Frigging.

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