Retro Spanking – NUWEST

22 Jul

F/f; time: 27 minutes
Very old NU-WEST, this is not the title. We will correct it. The film opens with flip-chart stills of scenes which will follow. ‘Karen’ and ‘Debra’ will show us the full range of NW action. Surprising early spanking and sex.

Statuesque Karen, surely off a flight from Vegas, wearing no panties here, marches blond ‘Debra,’ who is wearing just a white slip, through the dressing rooms into the barren studio. Early-on, both are young and svelte.

Debra is taken OTK for a brief spanking, then sent to get the hairbrush, a little touch of humiliation Ed Lee always liked. This spanking is much harder. We’re on our way.

FADE. Debra is naked, strapped down to NU-WEST’s  inverted-‘V’ padded bench, her bottom at its apex. Karen, still with no pants, whips her.
Zoom in on Karen’s goodies.

FADE. Debra is tied down on a low table on her back. Karen sits on her face and Debra does the oral work. Not well filmed–NU-WEST was never too good at detail here.

DISSOLVE. More hot action. Debra is strung up naked, her athletic body and thunder thighs rippling on full display. Karen wears one of those criss-cross BDSM harnesses and nothing else, an outfit which surely takes help to put on. Karen whips Debra.

DISSOLVE. Debra is tied over another bench, a sort of padded T-bar, her hips at waist-height, her head pulled down and her wrists tied at the floor. She is, to put it succinctly, fully available. Karen fucks her with a condom-covered strap-on dildo. Closeups confirm this is no drill. This  contraption of a trestle squeaks as Karen rams. The girls hug and the session ends.

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