25 Jul

The Audition’ (M/2f; time: 28 minutes; year: 2010) Dallas brings ‘Scarlett’ in by the ear and puts her in the corner. “When I get back I’m going to smoke your buns with this paddle.” ‘Crystal’ enters the studio and sees Scarlett in the telltale pre-spanking corner configuration.

She’ll take a few whacks at Scarlett with Dallas’ paddle. The competing  CP girls squabble. As far as Scarlett is concerned, only Dallas may spank her. But Crystal wants Scarlett’s pants down; OTK.

Scarlett bends over a chair for the Spencer paddle. Crystal admire her tan and white bottom.

allas returns; he wants Crystal to change into more spankable garb, not the BDSM outfit she is wearing. Dallas paddles Scarlett, hard, producing the circular bruises.

Crystal is spanked next, the Spencer paddle. Her face is never shown in the film.

‘Scarlett spanked for tickets’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes; year: 2012) In praise of postgraduates. Dallas doesn’t do much on the schoolgirl theme. She is first paddled on her skirt and then on the bare. Spencer paddle and a kitchen spoon. An old fashioned bikini tan. On this episode, some of the female crew can be seen watching. The set looks like a hotel room.

Onto the bed, over a pillow, for a strap. And last, lying over the end of the bed. Her thong survives.

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