100 Stroke Challenge – MOOD

26 Jul

F/f; time: 30 minutes
MOOD’s ‘Kyra’ will give a poor girl the 100-stroke challenge. A graphic explains the rules–10 strokes of any implement, the strokes must be counted, loss of position or miscounting costs penalty strokes on the pussy.

A brunette wears only bra and panties. First 10, a doubled belt on the calves, something rarely seen in CP films.

Second 10, the cane on the front of the thighs. This causes the first nasty MOOD marks and the first tears.

“Drop your bra.” The girl has to cup her boobs for 10 from the crop.

Panties down, kneel on the couch, knees wide for the strap; the bottom-spanking continues–grab ankles for the Spencer paddle. The little white circles appear and the first skin pops. Krya backs off the 10-count and switches to a strap,

“Arch your back” for the strap on the bottom; nasty cane on the back of the thighs while standing on the couch; bend-over for the cane; stand on the couch, grab the wall, for the lash, back AND bottom.

After viewing this lengthy session, it is now clear why Krya started at the calves.

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