Stanford Prison Experiment – MOOD

26 Jul

3F/5f; time: 56 minutes
A psychological experiment, the CP female extension of the original experiment–the behavior of girls will be studied as they are arbitrarily assigned roles as guards or inmates.

10 girls will be paid 5000 Euros each. They draw straws–6 become inmates and 4 are guards.

The ‘inmates’ strip naked and put on sack-like prison smocks, in the nude scene MOOD does so well. The nude girls are first sprayed with a disinfectant, not quite as roughly as LUPUS would have done it, but effective.

The ‘guards’ discuss how stern they should be, how they will control the ‘inmates.’ One girl is a Lesbian, and her partner was selected as an inmate. She wants the guards to go easy on her.

In the first cell, the first girl to be disciplined is made to strip and is manacled standing to a bunk bed. She gets 25 with the belt, and we see for the first time the wicked lust which develops in the guards.

In the second cell containing three other inmates, a blonde gets the same belt whipping. When one of the other girls objects that this experiment is getting out of hand, she earns a nasty 50 cane strokes, bend-over.

Another prisoner, the Lesbian partner, is spread on a desk on her back and electrodes attached to her labia. She screams through this torture.

The group assembles again–the inmates want the experiment to terminate, the guards are enjoying it.

In a final section entitled “Utter Brutality,” another naked girl is attached to a bed frame and caned by two guards. The count is up to 103 when the male administrator stops the “insanity.” Quivering and huge marks.

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