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31 Aug

M/6f; time: 22 minutes
An attempt from GBS to do a multiple-bottom spanking and stay competitive in the genre. Six girls from the cast march in, wearing schoolgirl kit of blouse, necktie, skirt, and knee socks. Headmaster Tom will put them through some mild physical exercises.

The girls line up and first kick off their shoes. Knee bends first; when ‘Sophie’ stops and refuses to continue, Tom takes her off-screen and spanks her with the Spencer paddle. More exercises–touch toes, knee lifts, hip flexers. The girls have varying levels of interest and there is some horsing around.

Tom gets his cane. Skirts up, “drop your knickers.” Tom moves down the line and lays 5 strokes on each girl. The canings are repeated from several angles and Tom goes around again. Mostly harmless stuff, hardly any marks.

Naughty Dolly Spanking – ATPSTUDIOS

30 Aug

M/f; time: 10 minutes
A meaningless little exercise from ‘ATP’ productions, a sort of amateur webcam feel. We review this film just to get it off our desk.

The actress ‘Christy Cutie’ plays a poor man’s ‘Rosaleen Young,’ in gingham and pigtails. She is spanked OTK by a faceless male, who might be your local banker, we don’t know. Christy keeps her pink panties and most of dignity in this throwaway.


30 Aug

F/F; time: 23 minutes
For this film, Sarah Gregory used the sounds of crying and gasping during a spanking as background for opening credits, in the style of early RIGIDEAST, always impressive to us.

Sarah, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ and ‘Paul Kennedy’ will play the games here. Sarah and Amelia are in bed, girl talk. Amelia tells Sarah that Paul has taken the occasion to spank her friends whenever he could conjure an excuse. The girls giggle; American Sarah practices her British accent, and Amelia her American. Both credible.

Kennedy enters, carrying a note from school. Sarah has been truant. He will spank them both. A shot at that visiting bottom Amelia has. He spanks Amelia first, to her squawks. He has her pull her own panties down. Sarah gets the same, Amelia in the background trying to look horrified.

Both girls get the slipper on the bed. Kennedy gets both bottoms side by side. Throughout the movements, the girls protected their modesty.

Three Girls -Spanking, Enemas – PACIFICFORCE

30 Aug

F/3f; time: 27 minutes
‘Jacqueline Omerta,’ the ‘Mistress Jacqueline’ at PACIFICFORCE. Three tall showgirl-like girls are in trouble with her. “You’re in big trouble now…you’re in this program for a reason…clothes off, everything…you first!” The girls spiked a recipe for a school cafeteria, which of course suggests an appropriate revenge punishment.

3 dramatic girls are soon naked–a brunette, a blonde ‘Kate,’ and blond ‘Gia.’ Mistress spanks and paddles the girls, each in turn, and in the usual PACIFICFORCE style, not very hard.

Fade. A male ‘doctor’ arrives in medical gown. Guys in medical smocks and naked girls just go together. A large trolley is rolled into place–it is actually a pipe coatrack on wheels, perfect for this use–three hanging enema bags and hoses. The girls quickly kneel in a row on the floor, their heels touching the crossbar backed up to the rack, bare bottoms up.

The technician–let’s demote him, lubes each anus and the enema nozzles and inserts each in closeup. They are thin little things and enter too easily. Clamps released, kinks adjusted in the hoses, appropriate groans and squeals. The tech keeps making adjustments. We are spared the scene of the girls scrambling for a toilet.


30 Aug

F/f; 16 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Gregory.’ Amelia discusses the spanking scene in ‘Kiss Me Kate.’ The male actor won’t rehearse the scene with her; he wants her real reaction at the first performance. Sarah suggests that she show Amelia what a spanking is like. “Have you ever been spanked?” asks Amelia. “Of course.” Sarah wants assurance. “Are you sure about this?”

Amelia goes OTK, dress up, blue print panties. The girls are amused. After a little break, Sarah continues with a hairbrush. Amelia is surprised. “This is a little more experimental…it’s much worse!” More handspanking.

After Amelia leaves Sarah calls the actor who will be performing with Amelia tomorrow night. She encourages him to give a “real spanking” and she plans to attend. Some outtake frivolity.


30 Aug

M/f; time: 16 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Paul Kennedy,’ one of her trusted male CP film companions. Paul is tucking her in for the night in a sumptuous brass bed and a huge comforter. As soon as he leaves the room, she jumps out of bed, fully attired for an evening out, and a naughty one by the look of her.

Paul catches her of course, and the spanking starts immediately. OTK, some silly squawking, and up comes the dress. Paul is surprised at her skimpy little white panties and soon dispenses with them. Knowing what Ms. Rutherford has in her panty warehouse, we are not surprised.

Amelia gets up and lies on the bed for a strap. There is an awkward pause in the dialogue. “You appear to be at a loss for words.” She keeps her composure, no laughing. She is her usual eyeful lying on the bed.

Off with the dress and panties, teasing frontals in the process. She will be put back to bed naked, to keep her home. Lots of bottom posing first.


25 Aug

M/2F; time: 19 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and her American friend ‘Sarah Gregory’ giggle side by side on a bed, in their pajamas.

Apparently Sarah has been grounded for something, and her friend Amelia is not allowed to be here under those circumstances. We never need too know much about circumstance or pretext. We need to see the pants come down and get on with it, after just the minimum of justification. the producers of course encourage dialogue and foreplay to protect the assets.

John Osborne catches them and interrupts the frivolity. Sarah will be spanked first, and when she struggles being taken OTK, Osborne reminds her he “will get some wood” if she persists. That does the trick. Pajama bottoms down, cheeks wide, Sarah puts on a display for us.

Amelia is spanked next, in the same way.

Osborne arranges the two bare bottoms side by side on the bed for comparison. We have to say, notwithstanding Ms. Rutherford’s now cosmic reputation in the CP film genre, Ms. Gregory compare very well.

Love Spanking – Katie and Friend – NUWEST

25 Aug

F/f; time: 27 minutes
Another of the ‘love spankings’ series, which to us looked like it was filmed in a motel room.
Blond ‘Katie’ meets a friend here, an actress we could not identify. Katie is wearing a white sheer teddy and the brunette pink bra and panties.

The girls embrace, and the brunette takes Katie OTK on the side of the bed. As with other films in the series, and where Ed Lee performs, the action is filmed from the side or over the brunette’s shoulder. The room apparently was not big enough to get different shots. It doesn’t matter. Katie is as sexy as always. Bottom closeups terrific as always.

The brunette caresses, spanks a little, and begins frigging between Katie’s thighs. She unsnaps the teddy and gets serious with her fingers. The entire film is taken up with iterations of this theme, spanking mixed in.

Historical Whipping Tape #1 – NUWEST

25 Aug

M/2f; time: 26 minutes
We have found six of these films, surely clunky and prehistoric for many. The performances are another illustration of Ed Lee’s imagination (on his low budget) and another outlet in his interest in the whip. For those of us spankos who were always frustrated by the censored and tepid ‘B’ movies, where pirates, prison guards, or overseers whipped girls in public scenes and where we always wanted more, Lee filled that gap, although not to the extent which came later in more brutal and more competently filmed CP porn.

Lee is wearing monk’s habit here, with a beard and mustache, more humorous disguise from him, and maybe his best. Long robes, hood, rope belt, even Birkenstock sandals. ‘Joanne Jameson’ is brought in, wearing one of the historical gowns we will see in the series. He drops her gown to her waist and fastens her wrists high to two vertical posts.

A second girl is brought in and similarly stripped and fastened to the other side of the posts, so that the girls are almost nose to nose. No bras worn in this era. Lee circles and whips both bare backs, not hard in this early film. The girls are so close together that facials are difficult to capture, but they are accomplished. The second girl has touches of hair under her arms.

We have said in the other reviews that we wish the dresses could be dropped from the waists.


25 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes
A harmless romp from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘John Osborne.’ An exterior garden scene. Amelia is prowling around and decides to take some clippings from a spectacular flowered bush. Sarah Gregory took some trouble to find a setting where this natural garden beauty could complement Amelia’s beauty.

John Osborne catches her picking the blossoms. “Are you jealous of my blooms?” A clunky pun for a CP film. He smacks her a few times and works her OTK on a garden bench. “Don’t you dare do this again.” Seems this is a sequel.

Amelia is nicely dressed as usual–flower print dress and red top. As John works her dress up to expose black lace panties, “How silly do you feel…back to school.” He spanks a little and spends some time rubbing her bottom. “so I can prolong your punishment.” This happens in many of her films, because she is so spectacular to look at.

Panties down. “You didn’t do that the last time!” The spanking continues. Amelia kneels on the bench, giving Osborne the chance to compare the blooms he has in his garden. More spanking here. Nothing much else to report. SG conquered the exterior obstacles which overwhelm many CP producers.