2 Aug

Serialized adventures, in short segments, of 4 schoolgirls in detention for smoking, from the “archives.” Simple, formulaic stuff from STRICTLYENGLISH’S early days. Familiar faces, making films some of the actresses called ‘schoolies.’

Spanking Channel #3 Part 2: It is brunette ‘Veronica’s’ turn to be spanked as the other three girls watch. “Stop ‘ow-ing'” says the disciplinarian.

Spanking Channel #4 Part 3: After Veronica gets up from her spanking, it is ‘Bridgett’s’ turn. She claims never to have been spanked before. Skirt up, white panties down, he whales away. “I can spank a lot harder than this.” Next girl.

Spanking Channel #5 Part 4: Annabelle, a pigtailed blonde, is the fourth girl to be spanked. She will be spanked until she admits her offenses. That usually works in CP films. Panties down, she is rather salty about the whole thing.

Spanking Channel #6 Part 5: Annabelle continues, bent over for the tawse; the shortest brunette of the group over a chair for the cane.

Spanking Channel #6 Part 6: A blonde gets her dose, much more difficult. Panties down, hands on a chair for the birch and then the cane.

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