Behind Closed Doors 1 -Shoplifting REDSTRIPE

3 Aug

M/f; time: 20 minutes
The scene is ‘Accacia St,’ where ‘Bill’ and ‘Hilliary’ live. Given those names, will we get the real story?

Hilliary is narrating–she has been caught shoplifting and Bill is going to discipline her. Bill is none other than ‘Ivor Gold.’ He is going to call the store manager where the theft occurred and let him listen in on the action. “It’s bad enough you spanking me. Please don’t humiliate me.” He lets the manager hear the first resounding smack.

OTK begins, Hilliary begs. “I’m attending to your needs,” says Bill. Closeups, rubbing. Skirt off, to the corner, bare bottom. attractive lacy undies and stockings.

Nice obliging frontal from Hilliary as she gets into position for the hairbrush. Good acting, a realistic relationship, and another nice shot bottom in the corner.

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